Embark on Your HEALTH Journey at this Amazing Event

Welcome to the

☀️ Adriatic Fruit Festival 🌊

an event intended for everyone who wants to gift to themselves a lifestyle for long-term vitality and health.

Achieve your health goals through education and fun in great company at the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

After participating in this event you will go home…

✨ knowing exactly in theory and practice how to eat a raw vegan diet

equipped with the knowledge and arguments for a raw vegan diet ✨

knowing how to get rid of health problems in a natural way and achieve a healthy and strong body ✨

tighter, stronger and more flexible

with lots of motivation to keep exercising everyday
so that you would achieve the body image and vitality goals you desire and deserve ✨

inspired to take your life into your own hands and carefully
construct the next chapter of your life as you wish ✨

✨ having made new friendships

filled with a sense of satisfaction and happiness


Loren Lockman

Regards to all!

As a water fasting expert with nearly 30 years of experience running a water fasting and raw vegan diet center, my role at this festival will be to help you…

  • Clear up any doubts about a raw vegan diet
  • Understand how the body works and how you too can ensure a high level of health and vitality
  • Learn how to get rid of health problems in a natural way

It will be an honor to meet you and spend quality time with you at this fantastic event!


Hello friends!

My name is Shelly and I am 19 years old. I am a passionate follower of the raw vegan lifestyle.

I am also a Kundalini Yoga teacher, Energy Healer, Life Coach and Dancer.

My goal at this event is to help you…

🧘‍♀️ relax, center and energize your body with Kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga is a beautiful ancient practice that combines powerful breathing exercises and physical body movement to create balance and harmony in the body, mind and soul. It raises and aligns your energy with the energy of the universe.

And I will be teaching Kundalini Yoga at this festival! You don’t want to miss it.

It will be an honor to meet you at this fantastic event! 🍇🍋💙

Myriam from Raw Mama Nature


As a professional Raw Vegan Chef who has been passionate about mastering International Cultural Dishes including my own culture (Algerian & French), creating raw vegan versions of our favourite recipes, my role at this festival will be to…

  • Create delicious & healthy raw vegan dishes that you can enjoy without the sense of deprivation, restriction, and boredom. But quite the contrary, with the sense of abundance of choice, ultimate satisfaction, joy, health and ease.
  • Make and present dinners in such a way that you will you will never feel like looking back to your old diet. 😉
Thank you in advance for allowing me to FEED YOU. I look forward to seeing you at the festival 👩‍🍳♥️

Kristina Poudyal

Hello there fruity friends,

As a Certified Detox Specialist living the fruit-based raw vegan lifestyle since 2015, a classical Yoga practitioner and Save Soil volunteer, my role at this festival will be to…

  • prepare super healthy, abundant and delicious lunches for you
  • answer your questions related to raw food and
    to help you feel great and joyful during the festival

I am grateful for the opportunity to be your lunch chef and super excited to have a great time at the festival with you 🙏☺️

So, you will be a kitchen chef responsible for lunches. Tell us… what guests will receive from your presence? 👩‍🍳☺️

Guests will receive my love, joy, and attention to detail that I put into preparation of healthy food. Besides my 7 years on the raw vegan fruitarian lifestyle, I am also very happy to share my experience and knowledge about mental stability, emotional balance, and the importance of healthy soil for optimal health.

Marina from Health Glows

Hi all!

As a Certified Raw Vegan Diet Educator and Certified Yoga Instructor, as well as a fitness enthusiast, my role at this festival will be to help you…

  • strengthen your body through morning exercises
  • increase your flexibility through evening yoga classes
  • be taken care of and happy at the festival

Thank you in advance for allowing me to host you. I look forward to seeing you 🙏☺️


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🏡 Accommodation is provided in a beautiful oasis of peace in nature near the city of Ulcinj, in Montenegro.

Tourist Camping Giovanni’s Beach offers first-class rest and peace.

In this accommodation, you will have the opportunity to enjoy first-class service, an extremely pleasant environment surrounded with greenery and close to the sea.

We are extremely happy to have the opportunity to host you in such an oasis of peace and beauty of nature, where the health and well-being of our guests is taken care of.

The rooms are double occupancy, with a bathroom and toilet in each room.

✈️ The airport to go to is Podgorica Airport in Montenegro.

Dates, Location & Participation Fee

Participation fee:  299 EUR per person,
540 EUR per couple

Dates: 6th-9th/10/2022
Location: Ulcinj, Montenegro
Participation fee: 145 EUR per person, 279 EUR per couple

For all the additional question, feel free to message me HERE or on my cell phone number +381 62 466 313 – I am available on Viber and What’s Up.

Let us host you!

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or book your spot with QR code