In this blog post I am showing you the devices and tools I use on daily basis in my kitchen and that make my kitchen so perfectly equipped for making delicious raw vegan meals. 👩‍🍳👌

First, I will introduce you to the devices I use in my kitchen.


For making tea, or more precisely herbal infusions.


While I do not practice making and consuming smoothies myself, I use the blender almost every day to make salad dressings or delicious spreads and fillings for raw cakes and cookies.

Food processor

An irreplaceable companion in the kitchen that allows you to quickly and easily make generous volumes of perfectly precisely chopped food in various forms, or even make various toppings, sauces, soups, ice creams, puddings…

Pomegranate and citrus press

A perfect device for making squeezed citrus juices by hand.


A device for drying food and spices, making pizza crust, and even just gently warming food.

Salad spinner

A fantastic device for quick and easy drying washed salad.

These would be my kitchen devices, and now we move on to the tools.

The kitchen scale allows me to be precise with the ingredient weights when making recipes.

The protective glove for cutting is extremely useful and practical, especially if children express a desire to help in the kitchen by chopping food.

The manual lemon and lime press is very practical and useful.

And if you use only half a lemon or avocado or an orange or an apple… you can easily protect the other half from oxidation with a silicone cover.

And this silicone cover can also be used to protect freshly squeezed juice.

If you want your kitchen knives to last a long time, take care of them by sharpening them every day.

You know that moment when you are in the midst of preparing food, and you don’t know where to put a knife, a spoon, or a cup? Well, here’s the solution – a base for putting utensils and cups!

After removing the pineapple leaves and peel, cut the pineapple in half and then, with a tool for extracting the pineapple core, easily take out that hard middle, while with the other side of the same tool, cut the pineapple.

Similarly, here is a tool for deseeding apples.

A potato masher is the perfect device for making banana porridges. 

You know how a strawberry can have a very stubborn stem? Well, with this strawberry stem remover, each stem is easily removed from strawberries.

With the help of a decorating knife, everything becomes more interesting and beautiful. 

Making patties is easy with a patty mould like this one.

The pizza cutter is the perfect knife for cutting dehydrated raw pizza crusts.

Noise damage to the eardrums is accumulative over time, and home appliances such as blenders, vacuum cleaners and hair dryers are very loud. But we have a solution – ear protectors!

Multiple herb scissors are a genius invention, agree?

The juice of lemon or lime sprinkled on the salad is like a strawberry on top of a cake. 

I truly hope you enjoyed these blog-post ideas and that you are thrilled to equip your kitchen for making raw vegan deliciousness! 

Click the picture below to choose the right equipment for your kitchen:

Thank you in advance for sharing this blog-post. And please let me know in the comment section below, what is your favourite kitchen tool.

Keep glowing, 
Marina from Health Glows

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