Payment for the

Health Glows Weekend – Webinar

Thank you for your trust and registering for the Health Glows Weekend.

I sincerely hope this retreat will be a great contribution to your Health Glows path.

Please choose one of the payment methods listed below, that suits you best, to make the payment. 

Participation fee for one person with the webinar discount

405 EUR   /   478  USD   /   603 CAD / 435 CHF

Participation fee for a couple with the webinar discount

790 EUR   /   932  USD   /   1,176 CAD / 849 CHF

Make the payment in a matter of a few clicks of your mouse, by simply clicking the corresponding title below:


Make a bank transfer to the following account number:

IBAN: DE91 1001 1001 2625 3609 88
Account holder: Marina Grubic

Make the payment easily through your

Apple Pay App

but simply adding my phone number

00381 62 466 313

as your contact and then make the money transfer.

If you would prefer to send the payment through

Western Union

or a similar service, please send me a message 


for further details.

Thank you!

I appreciate your trust and I will do my best to justify your time and money investment!

For your health, 
Marina from Health Glows