Raw Vegan Diet Combined with Yoga in the Tropics

Raw Living Yoga Retreat

Welcome to the

Raw Living Yoga


from the 12th

until the 21th of February 2022 in

 beautiful Costa Rica

What Do You Get from this Retreat?

  • 1st and last day accommodations near the airport
  • Private bus to and from our retreat centre
  • 6 full program days
  • 12 yoga classes
  • 6 fitness classes
  • 12 lectures
  • Accommodation in a retreat centre in the midst of lush tropical nature 
  • High quality fruits and veggies prepared in delicious meals by a professional raw vegan chef
  • 3 low-fat raw vegan meals per day
  • Morning Vinyasa Flow yoga classes
  • Daily lectures on health, diet, mind, fitness & yoga
  • Evening Yin Yoga classes
  • Fresh water swimming pool
  • Endless walking trails
  • Private massage
  • Private sessions with personal trainer
  • Private health coaching

Meet Your Hosts

Yoga Teacher

First becoming vegan due to her ethical and compassionate beliefs in 2005, Marina stumbled across the 80 10 10 diet in 2012 and embraced it wholeheartedly. Since then, Marina’s has been walking-and-talking her passion both in her personal and professional life – coaching people on how to build their health on the natural pillars of health – the optimum raw vegan diet, exercise and other aspects of healthy living.

Being also a yoga teacher and fitness enthusiast, Marina enjoys her daily workouts as well as teaching yoga classes which she has been doing professionally around the world since 2013. 

Raw Vegan Educator

Dr. Douglas Graham is a life long athlete and is affectionately known as the “godfather” of the raw food movement. His decades of hosting retreats and coaching have cultivated an entertaining educator and instructor.

This event will be held to the FoodnSport standards for 80/10/10 meals and magic.

Raw Vegan Chef

Shari Leiterman holds a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and has spent her whole life teaching people to love themselves inside and out. A beautiful soul whom will be on hand as Head Chef but truly is a leader for our staff and clients in all areas; food, loving yourself, massage therapy, fitness instructor, and good vibe purveyor.


You will train and learn…

What to excpect at yoga class


This is Marina from Health Glows, your yoga teacher at the Raw Living Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica. 

I will teach yoga classes at this retreat. Specifically, we will do body sculpting yoga classes in the morning yoga sessions and yin yoga classes to relax and restore our bodies and minds in our evening yoga sessions. 🧘‍♀️

In the body sculpting morning yoga classes we will do asanas and asana flows specifically geared to work on sculpting specific body areas. These classes will be more dynamic in nature.

In the yin yoga evening classes we will stay longer in relaxing asanas with the goal to go into deep tissue stretching. 

I am looking forward to meet you, greet you, teach and train you, make friends and have a high quality time together. ☺️

Welcome to our retreat – we are looking forward to hosting you.








What to excpect at yoga lectures


This is Dr. Douglas Graham your Fitness for Yoga educator at the Raw Living Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica. 

I will give Fitness for Yoga lectures – both the theory and practical -at this retreat. Here is a brief description of my lectures:


In the Theory Section of the course, you will learn:

  • The five facets of fitness that affect everything you do
  • How to sculpt your physique and your posture to give you the look and performance abilities you most desire
  • The key factors that make training efficient and effective
  • How to make maximal gains in flexibility and balance
  • The facts and the fiction about fitness training
  • Why strength training is essential to your yoga practice
  • How to strength train without gaining size or weight 

In the practical sessions, you will experience:

  • How your foot connects with the ground
  • How to stand for optimal performance
  • Proper lifting mechanics
  • Lifting for pure strength
  • How to improve all aspects of fitness

I am looking forward to welcome you and teach you!

Bonus Gifts for You

Gift: e-book Tropical Fruit Guide that teaches you about forty different tropical fruit varieties.

80 10 10 Diet Meals to Expect

Moments from the previous Health Glows Tropical Retreats

Dates, location and participation

Dates: 12th-21th of February 2022
Location: Costa Rica (the exact location is received upon the registration)

Participation fee:

  • $1,899.00 per person

For all additional questions, please feel free to contact us at


Let us host you!

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