Organic Immortelle Facial Care Products

Immortelle – the Secret of YOUTHFULL BEAUTY

Rose Infusions for

Skin Hydration

Organic Plants for

Proper Skin Care

Deep Nurturing &

Rejuvenating Effect

  • Bring youthfulness to your face
  • Improve your skin complexion 
  • Nurture your skin

with organic skin care products coming to you from a powerful Serbian mountain Rtanj, known for its special and very powerful energy. 

Creams and serums are enriched with immortelle – a plant known for its effective rejuvenating properties that preserve the youthfulness of skin.

We have for you an effective skin care product combination for the best results:

  1. Organic Rose Water – a pure organic rose infusion for skin hydration 🌹💦
  2. Organic Facial Creams –  give you proper skin 
  3. Organic Facial Serums – deeply nurture your skin

How To Order

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organic skin care products
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