The 80 10 10 Diet

The book The 80 10 10 Diet guides the reader in a very easy to understand and logical way to the conclusion of what is the optimal diet for humans and why. Behind the unusual name of The 80 10 10 Diet, lies the optimal macronutrient ratio, very nicely explained in the book. The book also gives menu samples and other people’s experiences with this diet.

Let this books make you realize that:

  • humans are not omnivores but frugivores;
  • there is a reason why people generally like sweet tasty;
  • there is a specific diet of each specific species;
  • a diet for health is the one to which vitality and lean body are only logical results, secondary to health;
  • the choice of a diet is the choice of health, ecology and humanity;

Dr. Douglas Graham opted for the increasingly popular and extremely successful low-fat, plant-based diet and perfected it for unprecedented top results. Overriding even such well-documented astonishing results achieved by renowned healthcare professionals who also advocate low-fat diets, Dr. Graham’s 80 10 10 diet is the first diet that presents a low-fat diet and lifestyle based solely on whole, fresh, raw fruits and vegetables with small amounts of nuts and seeds. From the effortless maintenance of your desired body weight via the unique health that radiates and defeats disease, to the first-class athletic fitness, the 80/10/10 diet enables all this as no other regimen can.

Testimonial about The 80 10 10 Diet book

What does The 80 10 10 book offer you?

A simple explanation of what is the optimal diet for human health, answers to the most common dietary concerns, people’s experiences on this diet, and menu samples.

Who is this book for?

For anyone who wants to give their body the optimal conditions for self-cleansing and self-healing through a delicious and healthy diet that is naturally suited to the anatomy and physiology of the human body.

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