I help people succeed on a raw vegan diet based on my professional and personal experience since 2012

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As a certified Raw Vegan Diet and Healthy Lifestyle Coach, I teach people how to adopt and maintain a low fat raw vegan diet and healthy lifestyle in a smooth transitioning way and with sustainable results.

I have had experience both personal and professional in this field since 2012 and I would love to give you the guidance that will lead you to your desired results.

What do you get from our coaching session?

  • Going through your diet and lifestyle habits, and suggesting possible improvements;
  • Defining your goals regarding your diet, exercise and personal development;
  • Constructing a plan to achieve your goals;
  • Answers to your questions regarding a raw vegan diet, exercise and health;
  • Encouragement and support to succeed in your intentions;
  • Explanation of how to give your body the best conditions so that your body can easily regain and maintain health;

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Disclaimer: As a certified Raw Vegan Diet & Healthy Lifestyle Coach, I provide information about a low fat raw vegan diet and healthy lifestyle, along with suggestions that you can adopt and apply voluntarily. I do not make diagnosing, nor prescribe therapies. I teach people how to transition to a low fat raw vegan diet and healthy lifestyle.

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