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Raw Diet Winter Meal Plan - What I Eat on a Raw Diet during the Winter

Are you wondering how it is possible to eat a raw vegan diet even during the coldest winter months? In this blog post and accompanying video, you’ll see exactly what, how much, why, and when I eat on a typical day on a raw diet during the winter. Through pictorial representations of each meal and detailed explanations for meal selection, in this blog post and video you will learn how to eat a raw vegan diet during the winter.

  • Embrace Winter while Enjoying Fresh Flavors

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your commitment to your healthy, fresh, plant-based diet. Find out how you can easily sustain yourself on a raw vegan diet despite the low temperatures.

  • Raw, yet Warm Recipes – Perfect Comfort in the Winter Months

You’ll also learn how to make raw meals that are lightly warmed to give you that comfort food you want, while staying consistent with your raw diet.

  • Behind the Scenes – Peek into My Kitchen and Fridge

In this blog post and video, you also get an exclusive peek into my kitchen and fridge – you’ll see exactly what foods can be found in my home during the winter.

  • Health First, even during the Winter

Whether you’re already experienced with a raw vegan diet or just curious to see what a raw vegan lifestyle looks like, this blog post and video will serve as a comprehensive guide to your successful journey on a raw vegan diet during the cold months. Embrace the winter through healthy, tasty and nutritious meals, thanks to which you will be able to maintain your figure, vitality and the body image you like even during the winter.

Are you ready to embark on a winter raw diet adventure? Immerse yourself in this winter blog post and video that are rich with flavours of health, freshness and well-being.

Marina from 'Health Glows', the author of the blog post and the video 'Raw Vegan Winter Meal Plan - What I Eat in a Typical Day on a Raw Diet during the Winter' shows her raw vegan meals during the winter months. In this blog post and video, you get a meal plan overview of a typical day on a raw, vegan diet.

My winters in the Tropics

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that starting in 2013, I spent every January and February somewhere in the tropics, or in the Middle East. I choose to spend European winter somewhere warm and sunny. Most often I spent winters in Thailand, the  country that over the years has become the place I like to call My Asian Home.

Marina from 'Health Glows' in the city of Chiang Rai, Thailand. This image is part of a blog post in which you will find out why Marina from 'Health Glows' likes to spend her winters in Thailand.

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Now, back to the topic of this blog post.

In the previous years, during January and February, I would make posts from, for example, Thailand, in which I would show what I ate during January and February in Thailand.

Marina from 'Health Glows' with tropical fruits in Thailand. This image is part of a blog post in which you will find out what Marina from 'Health Glows' eats on a raw vegan diet during the winter in Thailand.

The Argument Why People Cannot Be on a Raw Vegan Diet Says...

I would often receive comments on those posts of mine something like

  • It’s easy for you to be on a raw diet because you spend winters in the tropics. It is impossible to be on a raw diet during winter months, because there is simply no fresh quality produce.


Well, this January, 2024, due to some personal obligations, I had to stay in my home country of Serbia during January. And let me tell you, as for my raw diet in January in Serbia – it was delicious! I really don’t understand where the complaints are coming from.

Maybe I have some special talent to spot high quality and delicious fresh plant food at the same place where other people don’t see it?

I will also add this observation of mine: I have been eating a plant-based diet since 2005 and a raw plant-based diet since February 2012. Over the years I have received numerous comments and messages from various people, from various parts of the worlds, in various months of the year, including summer months, complaining to me about how they cannot be on a raw diet because they cannot find fresh and high quality fruits and vegetables.

I’ve always been surprised by such statements, because somehow I always manage to find fresh plant food, and almost always very satisfying fresh plant food, in different months of the year and in different countries.

I dunno know… maybe I’ve switched on that focus-pocus mode in my mind that works like magic!

Remember: where the focus goes, energy flows. In other words, you get what you focus on. For example, this January in Serbia was delicious for me in the terms of my raw vegan diet.

What Food Is in My Kitchen and Fridge during the Winter?

Let’s peek into my kitchen for a moment.

Now you can see the typical state of my kitchen and fridge during January. Please notice that in my kitchen there is no stove or any cooking food device and I would emphasise, there is no any kind of device that produces toxic smoke as is the case with almost all kitchens in people’s homes today unfortunately. There are numerous, far-reaching health, economic and environmental justifications for eliminating the use of stoves globally.

Kitchen WITHOUT a stove - this is the raw vegan kitchen of Marina from 'Health Glows'. This picture completes the explanation of why it is justified to abolish the use of the stove globally.

As you can see, there are a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in my kitchen. Please note that I always take out the food I keep in the fridge at least 2 hours before the meal, so that I eat food at room temperature, never cold.

Raw Vegan Diet - Fridge - January 2024. This image is part of a blog post about what a raw vegan diet looks like during the winter.

Before we move on with this topic, let us see why would anyone be even interested in eating a raw vegan diet.

What Are the Health Benefits of a Raw Vegan Diet?

A raw vegan diet offers a myriad of health benefits, making it a popular choice for those seeking a wholesome lifestyle. Here are key advantages:

  1. Nutrient-Rich Goodness
    Consuming a variety of raw, plant-based foods ensures a rich intake of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These nutrients promote overall well-being, support immune function, and contribute to radiant skin and hair.
  2. Enhanced Digestive Health
    The abundance of fibre in raw vegan foods aids digestion and promotes a healthy gut. Improved digestion can alleviate issues such as bloating and constipation, fostering a more comfortable and efficient digestive system.
  3. Natural Energy Boost
    Raw vegan diets are known to provide a sustained energy boost. The natural sugars in fruits and the complex carbohydrates in vegetables offer a steady release of energy, reducing reliance on processed foods and artificial stimulants.
  4. Weight Management
    Many individuals turn to raw veganism as an effective way to manage weight. The emphasis on nutrient-dense, low-calorie foods helps maintain a healthy weight, while the abundance of fiber contributes to a feeling of fullness.
  5. Disease Prevention
    The high intake of fruits and vegetables has been linked to a reduced risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. The powerful antioxidants found in these foods contribute to cellular health and may offer protection against oxidative stress.
  6. Environmental Impact
    Adopting a raw vegan diet aligns with eco-conscious living. By reducing reliance on animal products, individuals contribute to lower carbon footprints and sustainable food practices, supporting a healthier planet.

Remember, before making significant dietary changes, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or a registered dietitian to ensure your nutritional needs are met.

Embracing a raw vegan lifestyle can be transformative, providing a path to holistic well-being and a more mindful approach to nutrition.
#RawVeganBenefits #PlantBasedLiving #HealthyLifestyle

What I Exactly I Eat on a Raw Vegan Diet in Winter

Now you will see what I typically ate on my raw vegan diet during January and February in Eastern Europe.

The First Item on My Meal Plan - Exercise

The first meal, you know: exercise! I emphasis this all the time: exercise is part of a diet.

I like to hydrate myself  with fresh lemonade during exercise.

As far as exercise goes, through different days I rotate workouts for achieving strength, stamina, and flexibility. It is essential to maintain all aspects of fitness through purposeful exercises.

Marina from 'Health Glows' demonstrates yoga asanas that require a flexible body. This picture complements the explanation of why it is important to exercise and why it is important to keep the body flexible.

As far as flexibility is concerned, feel free to watch the free webinar Three Secrets for Becoming & Staying Flexible for Life, in which you will learn how you too can easily maintain the flexibility of your body and why body flexibility is important. Click the red button below and watch this free webinar.

Free Webinar '3 Secrets to Becoming & Staying Flexible for Life' - Learn how to achieve and maintain a flexible body.

Hydration after the Workout

After exercise, I drink freshly squeezed pomegranate and citrus juice. Read THIS BLOG POST in which you will learn why consuming pomegranate juice would be such a wonderful compliment to your healthy lifestyle.

Pomegranate juice - a nutritionally rich drink that is a perfect addition to a healthy diet.

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Pomegranate and citrus fruit press - Order a quality press for making juice from pomegranate and citrus fruits.

The First Meal - Breakfast

At lunchtime, I have a mono-meal of tangerines or clementines. Personally, I eat a little over 1 kg / 2.2 lbs. of tangerines or clementines in one meal. The main task of the first meal, i.e. breakfast, is to hydrate the body. This is why I choose food with a relatively high water content, such as tangerines or clementines in the winter months.

Mono meal of clementines or tangerines - a tasty and healthy meal that provides the body with hydration and nutrients such as vitamin C, antioxidants and fibre.

The Second Meal - Lunch

Then after about 3 hours comes this delicious raw and warm banana-apple pie. This pie is extremely tasty and filling. The main task of the second meal, ie lunch, is to provide fuel that your body converts into energy for performing all physiological, cognitive and physical activities. The optimal fuel for every cell of the body is simple sugars within whole plant foods, such as sweet apples and bananas for example in this sweet pie.

The recipe for this delicious pie can be found in my Raw, yet Warm recipe e-book, which is available to order on my website Health Glows. Click the red button below to instantly download your copy of Raw, yet Warm recipe e-book so that you can start preparing delicious raw foods that are gently warmed in a dehydrator. And if you do not have a dehydrator, you can start with an oven at the lowest temperature.

In the book 'Raw, yet Warm' you get 40 delicious and healthy recipes from fresh plant food that is slightly warm, because the food is warmed in a dehydrator.

The Third Meal - Dinner

And in the evening for my dinner during January and February in Europe, I like to make my favorite raw, yet warm savoury pie with fresh cucumbers as a side dish. The main task of the third meal, i.e. dinner, is to provide minerals that are abundant in vegetables and fatty acids from whole plant foods such as sunflower and flax seeds found in this savoury pie, for example. If you would like me to share the recipe for this delicious dish with you, please let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to make that video recipe for you.

Raw, yet warm savoury pie - a delicious vegetable pie that has been slightly warmed in the dehydrator. This image is part of the 'Raw Vegan Winter Meal Plan' blog post.

Or instead of that raw, yet warm savoury pie, I make my spaghetti in pesto for dinner. 

Raw vegetable spaghetti in pesto - one of the recipes from the recipe book 'Raw for Glow'.

The recipe for this dish is in my Raw for Glow recipe book, which is available to order on my website Health Glows. Click the red button below to get your copy of Raw for Glow recipe book to your doorstep so you can start enjoying 111 delicious and healthy low fat raw vegan recipes.

'Raw for Glow' - a book in which you get 111 raw vegan recipes. This book is available to order on the 'Health Glows' website.

The Physical Results of my Raw Vegan Diet and Exercise Program

Also, I want to share with you the physical results of my diet and exercise program because I believe it is only fair that every nutritionist, health professional, doctor, or anyone involved in any way advising people about nutrition and health, in the job description must constantly show the degree of their physical form and how their body looks so that clients, i.e. patients, can make an informed decision whether they want to follow such an example of appearance and health or not.

So this is what my body looks like.

I eat somewhere around 2,000 or even a little more calories a day from exclusively fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, I eat a relatively small amount of nuts or seeds once a day in the evening vegetable meal.

I exercise daily because I include exercise as part of my diet.

Marina from 'Health Glows' in a bikini. This image is part of a blog post in which you'll find out what Marina from 'Health Glows' eats in a typical day and how much she exercises to maintain a high level of health and sculpted body.

Please understand that with this part of the blog post I am not even trying to say that I consider myself to be the epitome of health and beauty. NO!

I want to tell you the following: this is what I look like, these are my results, if you like them, you are welcome to follow me, and if you don’t like them, feel free to find someone else whom you like and follow him or her.

But always ask the following question:

  • What is under the white coat or suit and tie of the person giving you diet and health advice?

And I don’t mean you to ask this question in a rhetorical way just for yourself, but to ask it directly and openly, because without a truthful answer to this particular question, you might end up with a pig in a poke my friend.

Gift for You: a Free Recipe e-Book

At the very end of this blog post, I want to give you a free e-book of 5 Recipes from the Serbian Fruit Festival 2023.

The Serbian Fruit Festival is a four-day event at which participants get the opportunity to learn in theory and practice how to successfully and long-term eat a raw vegan diet along with exercise and healthy living in order to maintain a high level of health and vitality.

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In the free e-book '5 recipes from the Serbian Fruit Festival 2023' you get some of the delicious and healthy raw vegan recipes that were served at the Serbian Fruit Festival 2023.

Bye for Now!

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I sincerely hope you found this blog post and video useful.

Please tell me in the comments below this video:

  • Have you tried a raw vegan diet? If you have, what are your experiences with a raw vegan diet?

Until the next blog post, I am sending you warm regards and keep glowing,
Marina from Health Glows

Marina from 'Health Glows' - a certified raw vegan diet and healthy lifestyle coach. Marina helps her clients and followers to transition to a raw vegan diet in a proven and sustainable way, along with incorporating an exercise program for staying fit long term, in order to get rid of health problems and build a high level of health.

Marina from Health Glows

As a certified raw vegan diet and healthy lifestyle coach, Marina helps her clients and followers to transition to a raw vegan diet in a proven and sustainable way, along with incorporating an exercise program for staying fit long term, in order to get rid of health problems and build a high level of health.

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