In this blog post, I want to share with you an event that happened recently, specifically in December 2021, in my life.

If you have been following me for some time, then you know that since 2013, I have been spending our European winters, or at least a good part of every winter, in the tropics.

In 2019 and 2020, for example, I lived on the island of Borneo, where I was staying in a beautiful resort on the principle of work exchange. My duty was to teach one yoga class a day to the guests of that resort, and in return I had food and board, as well as some pocket money.

In October 2021, I sent my CV to a couple of email addresses of resorts in the tropics with a a work exchange proposal.

In December 2021, one of the resorts contacted me… And that, none other than one of the most luxury resorts on the planet… (I choose rather not to write the name of this resort).

They scheduled my first video call interview, on which I was told that they were not looking for someone to stay with them only during the winter and on the principle of work exchange, but they were looking for someone to hire permanently as a yoga instructor and a newly opened SPA manager.

The first video call turned into a series of 5 video calls with 3 different managers of that resort within 2 weeks. During those calls, I also learned that 7 other people were interviewed for the same position at the same time. After the 4th interview, I was informed that they had chosen me for the offered job and sent me a very lucrative offer by e-mail. 

The lucrative offer meant that a very nice amount of money would be paid into my bank account every month, while I would live in a luxury resort where everything would be provided for me – from laundry to plane tickets – I would have no reason to spend money, so the money would just accumulate in my bank account. In addition, the job meant all the possible benefits and the possibility of growing with the company, with the relocation every couple of years – so, absolutely secured life in the most luxury resorts around the world.

My task would be to give yoga classes and make diet-fitness-SPA treatment packages for the guests in the newly built wellness complex of this resort. 

You can only imagine my disbelief and excitement at such a brilliant offer that practically meant that everything I did over the years on a relatively small scale, I could now transfer to the world level and offer my services to the world’s most elite clientele.

However… no matter how lucrative it may sound, the following happened… In the last video interview, after I received that lucrative offer, and when probably everyone expected me to just nod my head and sign the contract, I asked the critical question…

  • Is vaccination mandatory?

The manager on the call looked at me in shock when I asked this question and answered in disbelief with the question:

  • You haven’t been vaccinated yet?
  • No, and I do not intend to – was my answer, to which he replied with the following…
  • Marina, don’t waste your time and don’t miss the opportunity because of your beliefs. You see, it is just a matter of time when everyone will have to be vaccinated, the circle is slowly narrowing, soon the unvaccinated will not be able to renew their ID cards, get driver’s licenses, you will not have passports, you will not be able to go anywhere… Soon everyone will have to be vaccinated. The question for you is… Do you want to be vaccinated now or later?

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you’ve probably noticed that I’m generally soft as a kitten, but trust me when I tell you that I do know how to respond sarcastically. At least I admit… So I answered to him:

  • Did your boss tell you to tell me?

And if you don’t know who owns the international company 4 Seasons, you can easily check it on Google.

Well, the manager in question was really angry at my words and replied:

  • You went a way too far with this, girl! Those are nothing but rumours circulating on the Internet – Bill Gates has nothing to do with the vaccines. Mandatory vaccines have been mandated by the government to protect people from the virus. It is easy for you if you are healthy, so you are not at risk of the virus, but the fact that you do not get vaccinated is selfish because you endanger people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and the like!

It is notorious how many people have collectively fallen into brainwashing, how strong the marketing of pharmaco-mafia is that they have convinced people to be attacked by invisible viruses which are incidentally submicroscopic non-living particles of dead cells, that is the remains of extinct cells, so-called exosomes.

Exsosomes are equivalent to ashes. Just because ashes have been found on a spot of a fire, does not mean that ashes caused the fire.

Viruses have never been isolated and it has never been proven that they attack humans. 

Virology is a non-scientifical theory backed by pharmacy to invent tests and trials that would justify the existence of vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs.

The argument that some virologists have dedicated their entire lives to proving the existence of viruses is actually an argument to finally put an end to these stories and at least free the next generation from the shackles of such thinking.

People must finally understand that the cause of the disease is always the TOXEMIA of the body.

Diabetes, high blood pressure or any similar condition have never been attacked by chance, these illnesses are just normal consequences of uneducated choices in people’s diet and living habits.

a normal reaction of the body
to abnormal conditions

As far as shifting responsibility to health is concerned, I would add this: If it is true that illnesses are transmittable, then it is also true that health is transmittable! Thus, I can transfer you only HEALTH! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Thank you in advance for leaving your comments and sharing this post.

For your health,

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