Imagine water flowing from your kitchen faucet that can rival mountain water from the peaks of the Alps in terms of purity 🏔️💧👌

  • What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is the process of removing particles up to a millionth of a meter in size through a method called nanofiltration. This water filtration method is used to eliminate the smallest particles up to 1 nanometer in size. For comparison, the size of the COVID-19 virus is about 12 nanometers. The size of bacteria ranges between 100 and 20,000 nanometers.

  • What impurities are removed from water by the process of reverse osmosis?

fat and oil based molecules

  • Does reverse osmosis remove all minerals from water?

During filtration, all substances are removed from the water, so in the post-filtration process, electrolytes and minerals are added back to the water through a mineralizer so that the pH value of the water is between 7 and 8.

  • Tankless Reverse Osmosis Device – The device takes up little space

While most reverse osmosis systems have a tank (a plastic balloon for collecting water) in which the water stays, and only then is it cleaned from that tank by passing through the filters, with the NU Aqua tankless reverse osmosis device, you get flowing, purified water. As there is no tank, this reverse osmosis device is extremely compact, so it can fit nicely under almost any sink even in very small kitchens.

The elegant design and slim dimensions of this device make it a beautiful and exceptionally useful decorative device that ensures you have crystal-clear water flowing from your faucet in the middle of every urban and rural environment.

Personally, I am overjoyed that finally, after dreaming of having this device for many years, I finally have it in my kitchen. I warmly recommend it from the bottom of my heart, because clean water is extremely important for health.

Marina from Health Glows

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