Why do I eat twice a day?

In short:

  • I like to feel true hunger and thus enjoy the meals more.
  • I enjoy the digestive rest in between meals.

And now the detailed answer:

I grew up in the environment that encouraged eating three times a day plus having snacks and juices in between meals. And so I believed that three meals a day were a must, and that snacking and drinking juices in between meals was a reward.

Without a specific plan to reduce the number of meals – and please keep in mind that I do not to talk about reducing calorie intake, but about reducing the number of meals a day – it happened spontaneously that as I was cleaning my diet, and as I introduced starting my day with exercising, so frequent meals started being a burden to me.

I have been on a vegan diet since 2005, and since 2012 I have been eating exclusively fresh fruit and vegetables, and a small amount of nuts and seeds. Sometime around 2011, I started skipping breakfast, and thus proved to myself that the myth that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is absolutely not valid for me. What’s more, it seemed to me that breakfast is the best meal to be skipped.

As always, we can find all the answers and logic in nature. In our natural environment, just finding breakfast would provide physical activity which is the best way to wake up the body from a dormant state. When the body woken up at all levels, it becomes efficient in receiving, processing and eliminating food.

During the night’s rest, the vital energy of the body accumulates, and the body directs that accumulated energy to cleansing itself. The best way we can help our body in this cleansing stage is by not giving it new digestive tasks that would consume vital energy.

And so, as I skip breakfast, I am left with lunch and dinner. In between meals I take in nothing but water in small sips throughout a day.

When I started the practice of eating twice a day – around 2011 – I didn’t even know there was a name for this practice: intermittent fasting.

In my experience, this is an extremely useful practice and I really enjoy the digestive rest in between meals. Now, I would like to point out the following benefits:

  • Rested muscles of the digestive tract have a better ability to contract, ie performing peristalsis.
  • Digestion and elimination are more efficient.
  • Teeth are less exposed to the possibility of leaving food debris on the tooth surface.
  • You feel real hunger and enjoy the meals more.
  • Presence at meal is developed and practiced.
  • There is more time left for other activities in the day.
  • It is easier and more efficient to exercise when the digestive system is not working overtime.

I hope you find this blog post useful. If so, please share it. Please let me know in the comments, how many times a day you typically eat, whether you have tried to eat twice a day and if so, how do you feel about it. Thanks in advance!

Keep glowing,

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