The taste of a ripe apricot is perfection in itself, and here is a fun recipe that turns apricots into warm magic!


  • apricots – Quantities are optional.
  • 2 blueberries per each apricot


  • a purifying water filter like a reverse osmosis device
  • dehydrator

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  • Wash the apricots under a stream of purified water.

  • I use a reverse osmosis system to purify my tap water.

  • Remove the pits from the apricots.
    Place the open apricot halves, with the insides turned up, on the dehydrator tray.

  • Place a blueberry into each apricot half.

  • Place a tray full of apricots with blueberries in the dehydrator.
    Dehydrate apricots with blueberries at 46 C / 115 F for about an hour.

  • Take this warm and sweet orange-purple combination out of the dehydrator and enjoy the irresistible taste!

I hope you will love this recipe and that you will be enjoying sweet and warm apricot-blueberry combo often πŸ§‘πŸ’œ

Keep glowing,

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