In the pharmaceutical-medical partnership, there are many elaborated systems, which are useless for health, and even dangerous, but they generate rich cashflow for the big medical system and Big Pharma.

One of these elaborated systems is hospital and laboratory testings. Excessive and unnecessary testing of people is in itself an extremely rich source of income, which not only does not offer the right solutions, but also justifies the excessive, unnecessary and very dangerous use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Just imagine that business when instead of doctors who should offer education (the word doctor comes from the Latin word docere – to teach, educate), they offer to the uneducated and thus toxic population tests that show them not the CAUSE of their diseases, but symptoms.

And let’s remember, as you have already learned on my website that symptoms = diseases

disease = a normal reaction of the body to abnormal conditions

Some food for thought: if I hit my finger with a hammer, is it normal for my finger to swell? Would it be normal for a finger not to swell?

According to the logic of testing, I need to test my swollen finger with harmful radiation, so that they can give me an anti-swelling pill. Thanks to the pill, the swelling goes down, which is good, right?

No, it’s not good because swelling is a natural bandage. The truth is that the pill drugs the body so much, that the body no longer has the vitality to even protect itself from swelling with a hammer. And then I keep hitting my finger with a hammer because it is more profitable for the doctor to persistently test me for swelling and give me pills against swelling, instead of educating me that hitting my finger with a hammer is the cause of swelling.

Then mandatory, periodic testing of the entire companies, without an individual approach. Just put all the people in the same basket and do batch-testing on them.

It is these tests, especially if done excessively and unnecessarily, that can lead to anaemia and even cancer due to radiation.

The hospital and laboratory test industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, based on persistent, unnecessary and health-hazardous testing of people.

Worst of all, these tests, as we have already mentioned, do not indicate the cause of the so-called diseases, but the symptoms.

Most of these periodic, unnecessary and dangerous tests can be replaced by one very simple and free examination that shows the CAUSES of the disease and consists of 4 tests:

  1. Examining the contents of someone’s plate


    If the content of someone’s plate does not match the category of fresh fruits and vegetables with moderate amount of nuts and seeds, then we established the cause of digestive disorders , constipation and accompanying diseases. Constipation is at the same time a symptom of improper diet and the cause of many other physical and mental diseases. In fact, even so, constipation is an indirect cause of the disease, while again the real cause is the inadequate diet.

    Why the category of fresh fruits and vegetables with moderate amounts of seeds and nuts? Because it is simply the diet that corresponds to the anatomy and physiology of the human body.

    Zoologists know how important it is to follow the specific diet of each specific species in order for the animals to be healthy. If it is clear to us that animals must eat food that corresponds to the structure of their body, how is it not obvious to us that when people eat food that does not correspond to the anatomy and physiology of the human body, health problems occur.

  2. Evaluation of Fitness Level


    Fitness is extremely important for health. However, one can be fit without the inside of one’s body being in good health, but one cannot be healthy without being fit.

    Although being fit is important, I put it in right after the diet, because the truth is that:

    One can achieve to be on top of the game when it comes to fitness without the health of internal organs and blood vessels, but even being extremely fit cannot compensate for the consequences of an inadequate diet that show sooner or later. And the consequences of an inadequate diet are toxemia of the body and thus the deterioration of internal organs and clogging and hardening of the arteries.

  3. Assessment of the physical condition of the body


    This point is closely related to the previous one. Fitness level is reflected in the condition of the body. We are taught to believe that the decay of the body and the devitalisation of muscles and skin is a normal process that happens because time passes by. But this is incorrect! With exercise and adequate diet, all body tissues can be easily maintained in good shape. 


    If we finally saw this truth – someone finally has to say this – then we would have a completely different view of the phenomenon we have been taught to accept as ageing, and see clearly how shameful it really is.

    But it is not shameful for people, it is shameful in the sense that the system that should educate about health – I repeat, the word doctor comes from the latin word docere = to teach, educate – does not educate.

    Thus, an uneducated population allowed themselves to fall into a devitalised state with their uneducated choices in diet and lifestyle and to accept it as normal.

  4. Assessment of the intestinal content


    what is in your intestines is NOT in your body. The intestines are a winding, long tube that is in your body, but everything in that tube is outside your body. Only when the content passes from the intestines into the bloodstream, then it is in your body.

    Ironically, even though the content of that winding tube is not part of your body, you have to carry it if it gets stuck there. And the clogged and accumulated content in the intestines is very dangerous for your health.

    Tell me, please, through the comments, when was the last time your doctor did an examination to see how full your intestines were and explained to you that your intestines should be empty and free for the passage of food? Let me not even ask if it has ever happened to you that a doctor offered to teach you how to achieve empty, passable intestines through diet and exercise.

Let’s summarise: The examination that I have come up with, and which shows the causes of diseases, consists of 4 tests: 

  1. Examining the content of someone’s plate
  2. Evaluation of fitness level
  3. Assessment of the physical condition of the body
  4. Assessment of the intestinal content

Of course, in order for a doctor to be an educator who is competent to perform such an examination, that doctor himself must live a lifestyle that would result in the highest grades on such tests. In practice, it would look like this:

  1. Diet of fresh fruits and vegetables


  2. Excellent physical performance – the doctors of the future are educators whose job is to lead by example on how people should eat, exercise and live so that is conductive to health
  3. Lean and strong body – the doctors of the future are educators who show by personal example what an excellent body care means in practice
  4. Nauli kriya – the best intestinal exercise that can be performed only when the intestines are empty and the abdominal muscles are strong

I deeply believe that the old health system is collapsing and that it is only a matter of time before the new HEALTH system will take its deserved throne.

I hope that this blog post was beneficial to you. Thank you in advance for commenting and sharing it.

For your health,



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