Be on a diet means a calorie restriction, ie a reduction of food portions of the standard diet. And of course, any reduction in calories leads to a reduction in body weight. However, I would point out two main problems with this approach:

  • Most, if not all, of these diets are unhealthy.
  • Calorie restriction is not sustainable in the long run, nor are the results of this approach sustainable.
  • A common scenario is for a person to become mentally and physically hungry on such diets and sooner or later make up for all the missed calories.

Fortunately, there is a smarter and more enjoyable approach that yields sustainable results:

  • Instead of limiting calories, change your calorie source.
  • Instead of applying an unsustainable and unhealthy diet for weight loss, adopt a sustainable diet, or rather a lifestyle, for health.

Studies done by the Committee of Physicians for Responsible Medicine in Washington, D.C., as well as numerous personal experiences, show that when people switch from a standard diet to a low-fat whole, plant-based diet, they lose weight without calorie restriction.

This happens because as soon as the body gets more room for cleansing – and this happens when the intake of food that is toxic is reduced, which in the first place is food of animal origin and all kinds of oils – toxins accumulated in fat cells are lost, and with them excess body fat is lost too.

A take-away message: an approach that is sustainable for the permanent weight loss is to adopt a diet, ie a lifestyle, for health, because in such circumstances, the body, which is a self-cleansing organism, will get the opportunity to cleanse itself, and enjoy the accompanying consequences of a clean and healthy organism effortlessly.

I would also point out that I do not promote overeating on an optimal diet, but rather suggest an appropriate calorie intake on an optimal diet with a healthy lifestyle.

I hope you find this blog post and video useful. If they are, please share them. And please, share your experience with different diets in the comment section below.

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