Turn a NEW Chapter in Your Life at this Transformative Event

  • Learn from top experts in the field of a raw vegan diet
  • Make new friends with people who live in accordance to laws of HEALTH
  • Enjoy delicious fresh food
  • Spend 4 unforgettable days at the Adriatic Sea, in excellent company and beautiful surroundings
  • Leave this festival equipped with the knowledge, inspiration and motivation to eat and live as benefits your health.

Gift Yourself REGENERATION of Your Body, Mind & Soul

  • Supervised water fast is a REGENERATIVE process of the whole body
  • The body has the ability to SELF-HEAL when digestive functions are shut down for a temporary period
  • Water fasting UNDER PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION in SAFE conditions of peace, surrounded by the silence and beauty of nature is an absolutely safe and extremely POWERFUL 
  • Gift yourself this 21 day water fast + 7 day refeeding process

Get professional coaching for your successful transition to a low fat raw vegan diet 

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I am Marina from Health Glows, a Certified Healthy Diet and Healthy Lifestyle Coach.

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Why You Should Adopt a Plant Based Diet if You Want to Heal Your Body

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The results of objective, unbiased scientific studies indicate that a plant-based diet can protect against and reverse

  • heart disease
  • insulin resistance
  • cancer
  • osteoporosis
  • Alzheimer’s disease

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How You Can Improve Your Health through a Whole Plant-Based Diet according to Science
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Health Glows Coaching Program is a step-by-step, simple, efficient and effective program that teaches you how to improve your health through a low fat raw vegan diet and healthy lifestyle.

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