About Marina Health Glows

Marina from Health Glows is a certified Raw Vegan Diet and Healthy Lifestyle Coach who is running the online platform Health Glows, a platform dedicated to educate people about healthy raw vegan diet and healthy lifestyle.

Marina’s online platform was started in December 2011 in her desire to convey to people the message about eating a plant-based diet as this is the diet that contributes to the:

  • human health
  • benefits for other animal species on the Earth
  • ecology
  • economy of values ​​that support humanity and the planet

Marina’s diet has been purely vegan since 2005, and since early 2012 she has been eating exclusively fresh fruits, vegetables and small amounts of nuts and seeds. This diet is in a very easy to understand way described in the book The 80 10 10 Diet, which Marina translated from English into her mother tongue of Serbian.

After graduating from the Secondary Medical School in her home country of Serbia, where she completed two majors – physiotherapy and beautician technician, Marina graduated from the Faculty of English Language and Literature and then returned to study diet and health.

  • In 2011, she completed the Plant Based Diet Course at Cornell University, a program based on Dr. Colin Campbell’s Chinese Study;
  • In 2012 she translated the book The 80 10 10 Diet by Dr. Douglas Graham;
  • In 2013 she interned at a fasting retreat, where she studied about a raw vegan diet, Natural Hygiene and fasting in Costa Rica with Dr. Douglas Graham;
  • In 2015 she graduated of Vibrant Health And Wealth Academy;

Since 2011, Marina has been running her website and YouTube channel, as well as workshops an retreats, both in her home country of Serbia and abroad, in order to spread the education on the benefits of healthy eating and healthy living.

Marina was hosted in the media

Marina as a raw vegan chef

Marina at her book tours

And now a word from me… Marina from Health Glows.

I believe that finding your calling in life is when you live your work, when in the euphoria of a new idea you can hardly wait for the dawn, when you don’t even notice how a day slips into the night while you are working on your new project, when your mind is excitingly working on your new idea even while you are sleeping…

Well… I believe I found my calling. It would make me very happy to know that my work brings at least to someone, at least a little bit, health, happiness, success and beauty.

For your health,
Marina from Health Glows

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