The topic of this blog post s the promised explanation from my previous two blog posts. Many of you have asked me to explain and justify my statement that immunity is one of the biggest lies of medicine, created in order to sell pharmaceutical drugs, but to be fair, also all sorts of some natural drugs of alternative allopathic medicine, for boosting immunity.

To offer you this explanation, in my previous blog post I tried to introduce you to, what is for most people today, a new way of thinking about health. If you haven’t read that blog post, I highly recommend you to do so, it will help you understand the explanation I have for you today. 

Immune – free from something, resistant to diseases;

But where are those diseases?

According to the medical model, diseases fly around and attack people.

This model is not in a line with the laws of nature and physiology of the body.

One of the laws of nature says that HEALTH is the state by default.

According to physiology, the body has an innate and acquired system of defensive responses to everything that poses a threat to health.

You have a physical body, but you are NOT your physical body. You are the energy encased in the physical body for a short period that we call life. Your physical body is guided by innate, infinite intelligence that you cannot even dream about from a human perspective.

And then someone is trying to convince you that that innate, infinite intelligence doesn’t know what it’s doing? Your body never makes mistakes, it always responds accurately and precisely to the given conditions.

That physical body of yours in which you driving around on our Holy Mother Earth, is guided by one main command. You know what that command is? Please do not take personally the way I will express this command, I will say it in the following way so that it would be easier for you to remember my words.

The command that governs your physical body is: Do whatever it takes to keep this person alive, despite all the stupidity they do!

And please don’t take this word stupidity personally. Here, I can say this word applies to me, or at least to me from before I educated myself about health.

Let me repeat this command a little bit differently, so that my words would settle with you. So, the command your body is governed by says:

  • Do whatever it takes to keep this person alive no matter what they do to you, no matter how much they poison and torture you.
  • If they hit their head against a wall, defend yourself with a lump;
  • If they inhale cigarette smoke or barbecue smoke, defend yourself with coughing;
  • If they eat or drink something that is poisonous, defend yourself with digestive leukocytosis, and if possible with vomiting or diarrhea;
  • If they suck the mother of a calf, defend yourself with osteoporosis, because having soft bones is better than being two meters underground;
  • If they put on their skin some poisons from various creams, lotions, sunscreens, deodorants, etc., defend yourself with a skin rash;
  • If they fill themselves with poisons, melt those poisons with a fever!

All these defensive responses, medicine calls diseases and tries to cure diseases.

The truth is that what medicine calls diseases are actually the body’s intelligent defensive responses to save your life from poisons.

My personal definition of disease:
A normal reaction of the body to abnormal conditions.

By stopping the body’s intelligent defensive responses, the toxins are pushed deeper into the body, and this is how chronic diseases are created over time.

What does medicine get from misinterpreting a poisoned body trying to cleanse itself of toxins as a disease? The answer is: a chance to be the main seller of big pharma.
The more specific diseases they can name, the more specific drugs they can sell. Which led them to have revenues in 2019 up to about $ 70 billion annually.

Who wouldn’t like to have a piece of that cake? Everyone who has a soul and rejects to go against God. Yes, I have just said that medicine and pharma go against God.

There are two models of health:

  1. Diseases fly around and attack people;
    But all you have to do is take medicines that will cure you of diseases;
    An example: If are you coughing, all you have to do is take a cough suppressant syrup and you can continue to smoke, barbecue or live in a polluted city, all you want, there will be no more coughing. That’s the proof medicine healed you!
    But that’s not all!
    Now we also have vaccines that make an invisible shield around you, so that diseases cannot even attack you.
    There is one little thing with this shield you see… and that is… windows update.
  2. Diseases are the body’s intelligent effort to get rid of toxins.
    Diseases do not fly around, there is no reason to fear.
    There is no reason to fear viruses. They do not attack. If they wanted to save the Earth and all other animal and plant species from humans, they would have done so long time ago.
    Just because viruses are found on a spot of infected or dead cells, does not mean that they are the cause of so called diseases. Viruses are not the cause of dying cells, but rather the evidence of the toxicity in cells.
    The solution is to provide your body with only the causes of health that are available to everyone: sunlight, clean air, clean water, food for which your body is biologically adapted, ie fresh fruits and vegetables with moderate amounts of seeds and nuts, physical activity, purposeful life and harmonious relationships with other living beings.

And the whole story of vaccines is based on a misunderstanding of viruses and never-proven Koch’s postulates.

Thank you in advance for commenting and sharing this blog post. 

For your health,

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