Lift your eyelids naturally with this simple yet effective eyelid lift massage. 💆‍♀️

This massage consists of nine massage techniques and one simple exercise. All of them with the purpose of lifting the eyelids.

Wash your hands and face, prepare some massage oil, play the video from the top of this page and, following the simple instructions from the video, enjoy this effective massage.

For the first four massage techniques, it is not necessary to use massage oil. What’s more, if you are not going to wash your hair immediately after the massage, it is better not to use massage oil for the first four massage techniques, because in those techniques your fingers go through your hair, so your hair will be oily after the massage.

For the other five massage procedures, you need to apply massage oil to the area of your forehead and eyes.

If you are going to wash your hair after the massage, then definitely use massage oil during the entire massage.

In my previous blog post, which you can see HERE, I shared my personal experience with eyelid lifting surgery, blepharoplasty.

I was born with droopy eyelids, which is why I decided to undergo surgical correction of the eyelids. Although I am pleased with the results of the surgery, I certainly understand that if I do not continue to maintain the results with certain personal facial hygiene techniques – such as this massage – that I could potentially develop acquired droopy eyelids over time.

Therefore, I regularly perform this massage in order to keep the eyelids and eyebrows in a high arch position.

I sincerely hope you benefit from this massage and enjoy your beautiful results! 🌟

Share with us in the comments below – have you done this massage? If yes, did you like it? Do you think it helps you achieve your desired results?

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Keep glowing,
Marina from Health Glows

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