Personally, I have been eating a plant-based diet since 2005, and a raw vegan diet since 2012. Although I choose fresh plant foods for myself because I understand that this is the diet for which the human body is adapted by its anatomy and physiology, I cannot help but notice the misinformation that is freely circulating around.

As, for example, it is typically suggested to eat meat if you want to be strong, and to drink milk if you want to have strong bones. Similarly, I have heard from certain raw diet coaches that you can become more flexible if you eat a raw vegan diet. And even that you can become more flexible after a water fast.

I have to laugh at all these claims. What’s next? You should eat someone’s eyes if you want better eyesight, or someone’s brain if you want to be smarter?

All these claims are scientifically unfounded and make no sense from the stand point of physiology and anatomy of the body. Not a single aspect of fitness – strength, stamina, speed, explosiveness, sense of balance, coordination of movement and flexibility – can be achieved through any specific diet.

Each aspect of fitness must be earned by practicing specific exercises to achieve that specific aspect of fitness. For example, if you want to gain strength, you have to do specific strength exercises with specific reps and weights, such as 1 rep deadlift with a maximum weight.

If you want to achieve stamina, it is necessary to do aerobic exercises for increasing the body’s endurance, such as running.

And so on, the same applies to all aspects of fitness – specific exercises for achieving speed, explosiveness, sense of balance, coordination of movements, flexibility…

Having said all this… it is true that through increasing the hydration of the body, muscle fibres get to be more hydrated, and when muscles are better hydrated, they become more elastic.

The hydration of the body is NOT achieved by first eating food that dehydrates the body – and that is all food except fresh fruits and vegetables – and then on top of that diet that dehydrates the body, you forcefully drink a lot of water.

No, that is a wrong and ineffective way to achieve body hydration. The effective way, the one that gives the results, is – adopting a diet that is naturally rich in water, and that is exclusively a diet of fresh plant foods.

Therefore, through a raw vegan diet the body gets to be more hydrated, and thus indirectly greater elasticity of muscle fibres is achieved.

This means that a raw vegan diet provides the best conditions to most efficiently achieve a flexible body through specific exercises for becoming more flexible!

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