In my previous blog post, I wrote that during 2020, I lived in seven different countries, on two different continents. This statement of mine attracted a lot of curious questions, although I have already written on this topic in my social media posts.

In this blog post, I am revealing to you how you too can easily get free accommodation in beautiful locations around the world.

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know I’ve been spending winters in the tropics since 2013. All those tropical trips were independent of the option I’m presenting here. In 2019, I joined a website that offers house and pet sitting opportunities around the world.

Some of the members of this website are house and pet owners who need someone to live in their homes while they are away. And on the other hand, the other members of this website are people who like to experience life in different parts of the world and who would gladly take care of someone’s home and pets in return of free accommodation. 

Personally, through this site I have so far lived in fairytale Belgium, history rich Israel, the divine Austrian Alps, mystical Romania, fairytale Belgium again, and I am currently living in beautiful Dubai Marina.

My experiences with this type of traveling are exceptional, because I feel that every opportunity to not only visit a certain place, but really live in different parts of the world, ennobles and enriches me irretrievably.

And the big plus is making friends with people around the world, as well as with animals.

If you are interested in traveling in this way, join this housesitting community through the following link:

Use the following DISCOUNT CODE for your annual membership fee:


Yes, there is an annual membership fee, but it absolutely pays off due to all the rich content of offers that this platform provides, as well as the great costumer service.

I hope you find this information interesting and useful. Thank you in advance for sharing this blog post.

Happy travels,

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