Today we are talking about a topic that lies on the heart and under the skin of many women, and in this blog post I want to show you how it does not have to and should not be that way!

If you have been following me a while, then you are probably familiar with that definition of mine which reads: 

Disease = a normal reaction of the body to abnormal conditions

And now I would like to share with you how this definition came about in the first place.

I know, now you are wondering what all this has to do with the topic of this video, but please bear with me for a second, everything will become clear very soon.

I once attended a presentation by a doctor who said on that occasion that cellulite is a normal occurrence.

In that moment, I silently rebelled against that statement, and thought that cellulite is pathology.

However, after giving some thought, I realised that the doctor was right. And that was my EUREKA moment when I excitedly exclaimed my definition

Disease = a normal reaction of the body to abnormal conditions

Yes, the doctor was right! Because you see, just before she made that statement that cellulite is a normal occurrence, she very correctly explained that cellulite is the result of the accumulation of toxins in between fatty cells in the adipose (subcutaneous) tissue.

Therefore, cellulite is a normal result of the toxification of the body and an indicator that the body is in a state of toxemia, ie poisoning. Cellulite is a mirror of toxemia.

And the opposite is true as well. A tight and smooth skin is a mirror of an untoxicated, clean body.

I believe that the following analogy will give you a picturesque explanation:

If you’ve been following me for a while now, then in a couple of my previous videos you’ve had a chance to see that one of my passions is to take a good care of my living space and make it be, at least in my eyes, beautiful, cozy, clean and tidy.

In the same manner, my other, if not even greater passion, is to take a good care of cleanliness, inside and out, and thus also beauty, of that living space that represents my only real, very intimately close HOME from the first to the last breath.

That home is my physical body in which I live and from which I am speaking to you right now.

I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to live in such a divine creation, just as your and everyone’s body is a divine creation. I am highly aware of my responsibility to that home of mine. This way, I always try to give the body in which I live, to the best of ability and knowledge, the best conditions for health.

You see, there are no punishments and rewards in nature, there are only consequences. 

As you sow, so shall you reap.

How a body looks like and the state of its inner health is a MIRROR of the conditions to which that body has been exposed.

One of the most visible sides in that mirror is definitely the look of the skin. A saggy, fatty skin is simply a mirror of the conditions to which the body has been exposed.

And vice versa – a tight and smooth skin is a mirror of the conditions to which the body has been exposed.

Personally, to maintain a condition of tight and smooth skin without cellulite, I practice:

  • eating a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables with moderate amounts of nuts and seeds
  • Hydration of the body
  • Daily exercise
  • Enough sleep
  • Moderate sunbathing without any chemicals on the skin

And these are the conditions that are available to everyone.

My firm belief is that everyone has the right to be satisfied and proud of their body. So if someone has convinced you that cellulite is a normal phenomenon that you have to live with, it is high time to stand up for yourself and answer: No! My natural condition is living in a tight and smooth skin and I can achieve it!

As I said, the conditions that are necessary for health, and hence the beauty of the skin, are very simple and accessible to everyone!

However, if you would like to have guidance in implementing these causes of HEALTH, I have a beautiful surprise for you! This is my new creation that I created with all my heart: an online course for achieving a tight and smooth skin without cellulite.

In this course, I show you exactly the purposeful exercises, self-massage and diet, in order to reach your goal. 

And for the very end of this blog post, would you please tell me, do you agree with my statement that how a body looks like is a mere reflection of the level of the inner health of the body. 

Please, leave your answers in the comments below this blog post. 

Thank you! 

For your glowing health, 
Marina from Health Glows

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