• You are not a doctor, how dare you to speak about health?
  • You are not a nutritionist, how dare you talk about diet?
  • You haven’t finished a nutrition school.
  • You haven’t graduated from the Faculty of Medicine.
    You are not an MD.


  • I am Marina from Health Glows…

Since 2012, I have been professionally coaching people on how to transition to a low fat raw vegan diet with an exercising program and other aspects of healthy living in a sustainable and successful way. Over the years, I have received many messages by people thanking me for helping them regain their health.

However, I have also received messages such as You are not a doctor, how dare you talk about nutrition, or Where is your diploma from the School of Nutrition… and alike.

In today’s video I want to:

  • Show you my diploma
  • Explain why it is not government-approved
  • Debunk the myth that medical teachings offer education about health and diet, let alone about optimal diet

Before I graduated from the Faculty of English Language and Literature, I graduated from the Secondary Medical School where I had two majors simultaneously.

At the time, I thought that finishing two majors at the same time spoke highly of my intelligence. However, it was only after I finished the faculty and when I started studying natural health science and when my longtime mentor, Dr. Douglas Graham, introduced me to the concept of critical thinking, I could clearly see my little ego battling with the realisation that I was just an obedient parrot who hasn’t stopped even for a minute to think whether that I was repeating so obediently in order to be rewarded with excellent grades, in reality made sense at all.

Sometimes, I get criticism like You graduated only from the secondary medical school, not from the Faculty of Medicine, how can you talk about diet and health?

You see, when I talk about diet and health, I do not reference my secondary medical school knowledge in any shape and form. However, the knowledge I got in the secondary medical school in anatomy and physiology is extremely useful to me and it as the foundation of understanding how the body works.

But when it comes to diet and health, it is a different story all together. During the 4 years of attending that school, as I said 2 majors during those 4 years, we had only 1 class about diet and it was all about – protein in meat, calcium in milk, bread as the base, fruit in moderation.

Also, we didn’t study health. We studied diseases – a whole encyclopaedia of different diseases combined with that shameful pharmacopoeia – a list of drugs that we need to prescribe for certain diseases.

Simply put, you get 2 lists, one contains diseases, and the other is filled with drugs, so then you just need to combine diseases with drugs.

This practice is called allopathy – stopping the symptoms with certain drugs that are always toxic.

Despite the prevailing misunderstanding, alternative medicines are allopathic medicines, except that they use more natural substances to stop the symptoms.

Analogy: conventional agriculture and organic agriculture.

Today, organic agriculture does not mean that pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are not used, but only means that more natural pesticides, herbicides and fungicides are used, and since they are weaker in their effectiveness, they are used in larger quantities.

The right solution is permaculture.

In health: conventional medicine and alternative medicine.

I do NOT practice any kind of medicine, either conventional or alternative, because I do not practice allopathy.

I studied a wonderful science called Natural Hygiene.

In general, this name is confusing to people, since the very first association people generally get is natural ways of washing the body. However, it is a science of health. The word Hygiene comes from the name of the Greek goddess of health – Hygia, so I believe that the name that would portray a better understanding of this science is Natural Health.

This science studies natural laws and is based on logical and common sense principles.

For a philosophy to be a science, it must be logical.

And the opposite is true, a philosophy that is not logical cannot be a science.

Question to think about – are the following 2 statements logical:

  • What will poison a healthy person will help a sick person heal.
  • Diseases are entities that attack people, and we defend people with poisons that we call cures.

I hope that it is clear that the statements in question are not logical. And the irony is that these statements are the foundation of medicine – both conventional and alternative. And if the foundation of medicine is illogical, then medicine is not and cannot be a science.

Let me immediately mention that, medicine is EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL and NEEDED as emergency care and surgery in certain cases. And the knowledge of medicine about anatomy and physiology is INVIOLABLE and extremely useful!

Unlike medical practice, there is the science of Natural Hygiene. The foundations of this science are:

  • Health is a default condition that is a birth-given right and which is maintained throughout life, if the laws of nature are respected.
  • Every cell of the body is innately programmed to constantly strive to establish health.
  • The body always responds accurately and precisely to the given conditions.
  • The substances, forces, influences, and conditions that are needed to maintain health, are the same ones that are needed to restore health.

In addition, I proudly give myself right to include my definition:


a normal reaction of the body to abnormal conditions

These foundations are logical, which makes Natural Hygiene a science.

This is what I studied, and of course I continue to study it, because I realised a long time ago that the more I learn, the more I realise how much I still have to learn, and a long time ago I categorised myself as a forever-student.

Yes, I have a diploma from the Academy of Natural Hygiene and this diploma is NOT government-approved.

And yes, I have 2 diplomas of a school based on illogical grounds and those diplomas are government-approved.

Why this is so, is a topic for a whole another video, but if you search for the words like Big Pharma, Rockefeller, or read some of many classics by Dr. Herbert Shelton, or an extraordinary book Whole by Dr. Colin Campbell, you will come to the information that might change your perspective of the world for 180 degrees.

So, I am proudly presenting to you my government-disapproved diploma of the Academy of Natural Hygiene!

But, I would add this… you see, a diploma is a piece of paper with a stamp that is a proof that someone went through a school and passed exams in it. I would encourage you to put far greater value on what I call the diploma of LIFE, and that is a diploma that is proven by what someone LIVES day by day.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Thank you in advance for leaving your comments and sharing this post.

For your health,

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