When I think of my home, I think of star anise on dried citrus, the smell of cinnamon and precious stones… ⭐️🍊💎🏡 ♥️

The topic of this blog post and the accompanying video is unusual for my field of work, and yet, I decided to make these blog post and video, because I believe many of you would enjoy this content.

After I posted the video My Kitchen without a Cooker, some of you asked me if I had any more ideas for decorating the living space. I was very happy to receive these questions, since one of my wishes was to professionally work as an interior designer. Architecture and interior design are my great passions, so I enjoyed creating this video.

Before we move on to the interior design ideas I want to share with you, I would like to draw your attention to two basic interior design rules:

  • Before you start decorating your living space, it is important to choose ONE interior design style and stick to that style.

    One of the most common mistakes in interior design is that people are generally unfamiliar with different interior design styles, so when choosing different elements for their home, they choose elements of different styles, and then their home looks like a mixture of different styles.

    The rule is: choose one style and let all the elements – from the largest pieces of furniture to the smallest elements such as sockets, be in the same style.

    However, you can assign different styles to different and separate rooms.

  • It is not important what you like, but what will look good on your home.

    Of course, it is also important what you like, but it is secondary. The priority is what will look nice in the room you are furnishing.

Accordingly, the ideas I present to you below are solutions for my home and it doesn’t mean that they would look good on your home. Maybe they would, and maybe they should be modified to suit your home.

In any case, with the interior design ideas presented below, I want to open your imagination and inspire you with beautiful creations. 🏡💝

The Front Door Wreath

We start at the front door. The wreath on the door looks beautiful and in itself represents a warm welcome. Make sure the wreath is in the style and colours of your home. As my home is painted white and black, with hints of green, and as I did not find a wreath that matches these colours, I made the wreath myself. I simply bought a white hoop for the wreath, a couple of white-green bouquets, separated the flowers from the bouquets and hung them individually on the hoop for the wreath. And of course, I wouldn’t be I, if I hadn’t added a mock precious stone on the wreath.


Next in line are the walls themselves. Having a single colour and texture on all the walls can look monotonous and claustrophobic. Therefore, I encourage you to use your imagination and play with different, but matching, colours and textures. The options are numerous: paintings, wallpapers, 3D wallpapers… The question is: What would look good on your home? 

Window Frames

Transparent foils in window frames are the perfect solution as wall protection. You know that when someone tries to lower the blinds, then misses the blind string and over time, fingerprints remain on the walls? Well, with these beautiful foils, everything remains clean!

Sockets and Switches

And right on the walls are sockets and power switches. My home is completely painted in a white and black combination. When I chose the style and colour of sockets and switches, I had no idea that, at least at that time, it would not be possible to find a black bathroom switch anywhere on the market.

See this switch? (Watch the video.) It’s actually a white switch, or at least it was white until I spray-painted it black. When a spray paint is used, a mask over the airways is more than welcome.

The point of the story, if the market doesn’t have what you’re looking for, find a way to transform what the market has to offer into what looks good on your home!

By the way, I’m not bragging, but this tape holder, for example, was blue, and this fan was white. It is just amazing what can be achieved with a little bit of spray.

Self-Adhesive Hooks

And speaking of sockets, I would mention a great solution for power cords. Self-adhesive hooks placed near the sockets are practical for holding the cords when the plugs are unplugged.

And in general, self-adhesive hooks are extremely practical and have multiple uses. As my bathroom was done in a modern-romantic interior style, so I decorated these hooks with flowers. Very easy! 

Glue the hook in a certain place.

Glue the decoration of your choice onto the hook.

And now it looks like flowers are growing on your walls!

Cleaning Equipment Storage

Hooks are also the perfect solution to organise your storage for cleaning equipment. This way everything looks very neat and organised. 

Jewellery Hanger

Speaking of organisation, a jewellery box is a good solution for certain jewellery, but a scarf hanger is far more practical and very transparent.

Hair Dryer Holder

The hair dryer holder is also very practical and useful. And if it happens that when installing the holder, the repairman makes a hole in the tiles in the wrong place… ah… why being stressed out, when you can turn that mistake into an opportunity to decorate the holder with pearls to your heart’s content.

Get Rid of Annoying Stickers

And speaking of hair driers, I’ll share another trick with you. You know those annoying stickers on various newly purchased items? Well, if you remove them while drying them at the same time, you can easily remove them without glue residue. And if some glue still remains, you can easily remove it with a swab and a drop of disinfectant alcohol.


We move on to scents. For this little, let’s call it, trick, you need baking soda, essential oil of your choice, a nylon sock and a jewellery bag. Put a teaspoon of baking soda in a nylon sock, add a couple of drops of essential oil, wrap the sock and put it in a jewellery bag. Personally, I have one of these bags in the trash can, in the laundry basket, in the shoe drawer and in the closet… so, everywhere!


Decorations – those small details that turn the average into the superior. When I think of my home, I think of star anise on dried citrus, the smell of cinnamon and precious stones… Well, or at least pebbles that are as beautiful as precious stones. 

Dried fruit in a glass vase not only looks beautiful, but also gives the smell, as someone once said to me, of freshly made honey cookies. If you would like me to make a special video in which I would show you how to make a citrus home decoration, please tell me through the comments.

Plant & Flowers

And of course, beautiful flowers and plants. Personally, I like the combination of houseplants and artificial flowers. And here’s another idea… If you happen to get a wreath of flowers somewhere like it happened to me, you can simply separate the flowers from the wreath and put them in a crystal bowl, add some cinnamon and a precious stone, and viola… what a beautiful decoration you have! 

A small speaker in the middle of your little garden is a great idea because flowers love music.

Window box planters are a great solution for your small herb garden.

I truly hope you enjoyed this blog-post. Please, let me know in the comment section below, which of the ideas presented above, you like the best. And perhaps, you would like to share some of your own ideas? 

Thank you in advance for sharing this blog-post.

Keep glowing, 
Marina from Health Glows

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