One of the most common questions I get is the following one: 

How to lose weight fast?

And my answer is as follows:

If your only goal is to lose weight as fast as possible, regardless of the accompanying consequences, then you have two popular ways to achieve your goal.

In this blog post we are going to review all the negative consequences of these two popular ways for losing weight fast and after that we are going to see if there is a wiser and healthier way to achieve the desired physic longterm. 

The first way is the KETO or PALEO diet. The basis of this idea is to eat almost exclusively food that is rich in proteins and fats, and almost absolutely exclude carbohydrates from the diet and to restrict your calories.

And what a surprise: starvation leads to a rapid weight loss. If this is the only goal, then you can congratulate yourself. But please bear in mind all the consequences of such diets: destroying your liver and kidneys, clogging up your arteries, draining the Ca out of your bones and leaving you without enough energy to even get out of your bed. 

And now, let’s look at what all the negative, but normal and expected, consequences of the keto or paleo diet can be expected and why:

  • High Protein and High Fat Diets Destroy the Liver

    Studies show a close link between high-protein and hight-fat diets and the occurrence of non-alcoholic fatty liver (1)

    This happens because high-protein and high-fat diets overload the liver.

  • High Protein Diets Destroy the Kidneys

    The liver takes in as much protein from food as the body needs, and the rest is converted to urea. Urea is therefore a product of protein catabolism, ie the breakdown of proteins into amino acids, in the liver.

    Urea is filtered by the body through the kidneys, and proteins passing through the kidney cells – nephrons, destroys them.

    And then people say, “There he is, a poor guy, got a kidney failure, or ended up on dialysis.”

    But the truth is that no one gets any of these conditions, but their poor kidneys have suffered from high-protein diets. The kidneys of many people are victims of uneducated dietary choices of those people. (2)

  • Atherosclerosis and a Threat to the Heart, Brain and Other Inner Organs

    All that food that is the basis of the KETO or PALEO diet is called protein food just because it sounds good in the light of all that unjustified marketing around protein. The truth is that all these foods actually have more fat than protein.

    Thus, all those foods that are rich in fats and cholesterol clog up the arteries and thus pose a dangerous threat to the heart, brain and other organs.

    No one has a heart problem, but many hearts have a problem with their owners’ diets. (3)

  • Osteoporosis

    Foods that are rich with animal proteins are typically also rich in acidic minerals, thus leaving the acidic ash of metabolism in the blood. The body always tries to return the pH value of the blood to a base value, which is somewhere around 7.4. For this purpose, the body uses the base mineral Ca, which it extracts from the bones, in order to remove the acidic residues of metabolism.

    This results in osteoporosis. (4)

    What is a sure way to get osteoporosis – just drench yourself in cow’s milk – the opposite of what most doctor say, right? 

  • Chronic Fatigue

    To make matters worse, a high-protein diet depletes the body of precious vital energy and leads to chronic fatigue.

    Why do you think a high-protein diet really leads to rapid weight loss in the first place?

    In addition to the overall calorie restriction, this kind of diets restrict the intake of carbohydrate rich foods.

    The preferred fuel of all our cells is glucose and glucose is the fuel that the body must have 24 hours a day. Foods rich in carbohydrates provide the instant fuel, and when this instant fuel is limited, the body goes into a state of ketosis, which is actually a torture to the body.

    In this state the body has to use up lots of its vital energy in order to make fuel. This depletes the body.

    No wonder people on the KETO or PALEO diets can’t do without coffee – which by the way doesn’t, nor it can in any way, provide energy, but rather destroys the adrenaline glands by constantly keeping the body in an alarm state.

  • Yo-Yo Effect in Weight Gain

    In the end, all these efforts and the horror that the body goes through, are in vain because there is usually a yo-yo effect because this diet is not sustainable, so people sooner or later make up for the calorie restriction, but again through uneducated dietary choices.

    It usually happens that people start craving sweet taste so much, that they end up binging on the worst industrial sweets.

  • Nutrient Deficits

    If the KETO or PALEO diets are already so good, then why are their promoters selling supplements? Isn’t this a good enough indicator that such diets are nutritionally poor?

  • Insulin Resistance

    Despite the fact that carbohydrates are unjustifiably blamed for insulin resistance, the truth is that high-protein and high-fat diets actually lead to insulin resistance. (5)


The second way to lose weight fast is to pay between 20 and 25K USD to have your precious stomach butchered.

The goal of the gastric bypass is to make you eat only small amounts of food.

Why would anyone have their bodies ripped open and want to eat only small amounts of food, when one of the important aspects that plays a role in achieving satiety is to actually eat a satiating volume of food?

This, to put it mildly, rude, medical practice of butchering has, of course, many accompanying risks and no one guarantees success even when you pay them a minimum of $20,000 and up.


And is there a healthier, nicer, wiser, tastier and fresher solution?

Of course there is! And it’s called eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Personally, I have been eating a low-fat raw vegan diet since February 2012, I eat about 5 kg / 11 lbs of fresh plant foods a day, and about 80% of my calories come from carbohydrates.

This is a diet first and foremost for achieving HEALTH. This is something I cannot stress enough: do not make a certain scale number your only goal and ultimate goal.

Make your HEALTH your goal and then live and eat in order to achieve overall HEALTH and from there let the slim figure and high level of vitality and energy be the logical consequences of health.

I am inviting you to my
Health Glows Online Program
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I hope that this blog post was beneficial to you. Thank you in advance for commenting and sharing it.

For your health,







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