In my previous blog post, among other things, I said that the story of immunity is one of the greatest lies of medicine. Many of you have asked me to elaborate on this statement. And I will gladly do that, but in the next video, because in order to offer you that explanation, I believe it is necessary to first introduce you into the whole story and hopefully, awaken in you what is, for the majority of the population of this Planet today, a completely new way of thinking about health.

To cut a long story short, first I was studying medicine, and then I switched to studying the science of Natural Hygiene which absolutely turned my world upside down and showed me what was that what was not resonating with me in the philosophy and hospital practice of medicine.

And now I am going to tell you about 5, that I find most prominent, differences between medicine and Natural Hygiene teachings.

1. The first teaching that I would point out, which persistently permeates through several subjects at medical schools, is that diseases are entities that attack people.

Literally, lessons in a couple of subjects that we studied at medical high school, such as pathology as one example, would begin with the following sentence:

This and that is a disease that attacks people at this and that age, at this and that locality…

The problem with this teaching is that it molds students’ brains into believing that, as the lessons say, diseases attack people.

Unlike this teaching, the science of Natural Hygiene, says: disease is the body’s intelligent way to expel toxins and restore health.

My personal definition of disease:
A normal reaction of the body to abnormal conditions.

This medical teaching opens the door to the next medical teaching.

2. If something attacks people, then the hero is the one who saves them from that what is attacking them.

And, of course, subjects of pharmacology come into play here, the subjects in which we had a task to literally memorize all those pharmaceutical drugs, in the form as:

This and that medicine is used in this and that disease and helps people heal…

The problem with this teaching is in, first and foremost, in the terms themselves. Calling pharmaceutical drugs, all of which are toxic, medicine, molds students’ brains into believing that they are really helping people heal by giving them these drugs and closing their eyes to the fact that every prescription given is actually dealing drugs.

Contrary to this teaching, the science of Natural Hygiene says: you cannot drug the body into health. Drugging only stops the body in its intelligent effort to regain health, in other words, drugging stops self-healing. The solution is: get out of the body’s way and let the body complete its intelligent process of self-cleaning and self-healing.

A disclaimer here, there are life-saving pharmaceuticals, such as insulin for type 1 diabetics, for example.

However, this medical teaching justifies the consequences of drugging.

3. The next that is taught, is what is neatly packaged under the words medication side effects.

The problem with this teaching is masking the truth, because what is called medication side effects, are in fact, the primary, expected, normal effects of poison in the body.

And talking about the poison, let’s mention the following teaching.

4. The following teaching, which was repeated to us throughout the four years of schooling, is:

The dose makes the poison.

Contrary to this teaching, the science of Natural Hygiene says: a poison is a poison and no amount of poison is welcomed into the body of a person who wants health.

But this medical teaching open the door to the next medical teaching, on which medicine is based, and which itself as the basis of medicine, clearly proves that medicine is NOT a science. For some teaching to be a science, it must be based on a logical basis, and the basis of medicine is illogical.

5. This illogical teaching on which medicine is based is:

That which will poison a healthy person will make a sick person heal.

Contrary to this teaching, the science of Natural Hygiene says: the substances, forces, influences, and conditions that are required to maintain health are the same as those that are required to restore health. The difference is the amount applied at a given time: whether more sun, or more shade; whether more food or more water; whether more activity, or more rest; at a given moment.

And the teaching of medicine: That which will poison a healthy person will make a sick person heal, is that very teaching that brings us to the story of immunity, which I will leave for the next blog post.

I hope I have shown you how medical schools mold their students’ brains into specific mindsets that have nothing to do with physiology, nor with helping people heal and most importantly, have nothing to do with teaching people how to live and eat so as not to create… Well, I won’t even call them diseases, but instead I will use my definition… a normal reaction of the body to abnormal conditions.

Thank you in advance for commenting and sharing this blog post. 

For your health,

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