You want not only to lose weight, but sculpt your body and gain strength and flexibility, without investing too time much for exercise?

I have a solution for you!

With the yoga online course Sculpted Yoga Body, you get 50 yoga classes specifically created for body sculpting and becoming flexible. Each class is only about 20 minutes long, but every minute of exercise is carefully created so that the exercises are effective and efficient.

Thus, for as little as about 20 min of exercise a day, you get visible results that you want.

All 50 classes are organised into a meaningful workout plan and schedule, rotating the exercises for: 

  • flexibility,
  • shoulder and arm sculpting,
  • ab and back muscle sculpting,
  • glute muscle sculpting,
  • leg muscle sculpting. 

All you have to do each day, except 2 days of break that come after each 7 day period, is to open the newly arrived e-mail and click the button in the e-mail to do a 20-min.class for a given day.

Achieve your desired results with interesting yoga exercises delivered to your home!


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