Today is a story time. I want to share one of my experiences from the other day, as all of you who follow my Instagram profile already know.

So the other night, just like at least 30 nights every year since 2013, I slept in a wooden bungalow in the middle of a jungle. And that night would not have been any different nor special if the following had not happened.

I remember I was dreaming one dream first, and then all of a suddenly, that dream turned into another, very short dream, or rather just a brief vision in which I put my pinkie finger of my right hand over a sharp edge of a wooden fence and I pulled it over the edge, as if I deliberately wanted to cut myself.

The moment I cut my pinkie finger in that short dream, I was woken up by a sharp pain in the same place. All I saw when I opened my eyes was pitch darkness. Holding the wrist of my injured hand, I got up, went to the toilet, turned on the light and saw a tiny bite on the pinkie finger that was bleeding. However, if I did not see the place where the blood was coming from, I would not have even noticed it, as all my attention was distracted by the pulsating pain that was spreading from the pinkie finger towards my already swollen hand.

A memory of a strange dream with a sharp fence passed through my mind, and I wondered in confusion how it was possible that I had cut my finger in a dream.
I cleaned the bleeding spot and went back to the room still holding my injured hand.

Keeping my eyes on the spot on the bed where the injury happened, I turned on the light and at that moment I saw a thin, black tail as it slithered just beside my pillow, behind the bed, and from there who knows where.

A friend of mine immediately took me to the hospital, where they took my blood to test it for venom.

As I was waiting for the results, I couldn’t stop thinking about… how a happy life I had been living… And this is what I want to share with you, as I believe it will mean to lots of people to her this.

In 2011, I chose to leave a standard life, a safe job and everything that goes with it – such as the pay check on every first of the month and daily misery, and instead to live my dreams and work on my mission. When I started promoting plant-based diet back in 2007, I was asked what my goal was, and then I just answered without thinking, the first thing that came to my mind:

  • If I succeed to save at least one animal from a slaughterhouse; 
    If I succeed in helping at least one person regain their health through a healthy plant based diet;
    If  I inspire at least one person to plant one fruit tree;
    I will consider myself successful.

Lying there in the hospital, I thought how I probably have saved at least one animal, and then before my eyes began to appear pictures of all the beautiful places around the world I lived in, all the dear people who have been present in my life, all the wonderful mornings I started with exercising to celebrate that I got to wake up feeling healthy and vital, I thought of all the people from around the world whose lives I touched with a message that is close to heart and of course … well, you know … all the delicious fruits that not only I have tasted, but which I have been living on exclusively (with addition of some veggies and nuts and seeds).

My point: I was at a high frequency of vibration, which is called GRATITUDE.

One of the most important things I learned from one of, for me, the greatest teachers, Nikola Tesla, is that everything is made up of molecules that are in constant vibration.

Now, as I understand it … There are different frequencies of vibration, and our mind tunes into different frequencies as if it is tuning radio stations.
Gratitude is the highest frequency at which you allow the energy of love to permeate your body. And what is the energy of love? The energy of love is this unstoppable, driving force, a healing energy.
What does it do? It heals.

However, something else happened. So, while laying in the hospital bed waiting for the results, I was talking to a friend who was with me there, and suddenly, I began to describe two traumatic events from my childhood. Before I knew, tears were streaming down my face, and my friend gently asked me if I had ever cried before over those two events.
I shook my head no and she replied, Cry as much as you need.

At that moment, the doctor came and worryingly looked at my crying face. I cought her worrying look and I said I am not crying because of the snake, at which all three of us started laughing.

And that’s pretty much, I believe, the story of my healing, because … this picture shows my condition after the bite, and the next day, after a night of 12 hours of sound sleep, I started the day like this …
(watch the video ;))

I hope the point of my story is clear:

  • You have the power to carefully choose thoughts and words to tune your body to vibrate at the healing frequency, the frequency of gratitude;
  • In order to heal on the physical plane, you have to cleans and heal at the energetic level.

As for the physical plane, I would like to mention a few things:

  • I rejected all painkillers. I didn’t want to be unreasonable with this decision, and if the situation was more serious, I would definitely not hesitate to take them.

    However, it is absolutely clear to me that all pharmaceutical drugs are toxic to the body and are drugging the body by altering the metabolic activities of the bodily tissues, which certainly has negative consequences on the body. What do you think pain killers do? Miraculously kill the pain away? No! The pain is still present but it is not felt because the pain killers, are actually, nerve-killers. They, so to speak, deaden nerves that are responsible for feeling pain.

    I understand that pain is a friend. My smart body has invested its vital energy to create pain, to remind me to rest while my body is diligently working on repairing the injured bodily part.

    Just imagine what it would be like if there was no pain. We wouldn’t survive, because… everyone would check at least once how warm is the fire, how sharp is the knife, and alike.

  • I also refused to have ice on the swollen hand because the last thing I wanted to do is to sabotage my body’s natural healing power. Swelling is a friend. Swelling is a natural bandage that the body makes by sending more blood and lymph to the injured part to heal the place as soon as possible.

    Getting rid of the swelling is sabotaging the healing power and infinite intelligence of the body.

  • Understanding that the mind has control over the body in ways we cannot even comprehend, I chose very carefully what I was letting affect my mind. I got a question of concern What if a snake bite passed on some disease onto you?

    I readily blocked this question and turned this question into What if the snake bite passed on some extra self-healing power onto me?

All in all, this whole episode had a happy ending, since the bite wasn’t venomous. I would like to mention that the chances of a snake getting into your bed are very small and I am personally not repelled by this incidence from all the beauties that staying in a jungle offers.

If you would like to train your mid to carefully choose thoughts and words and thus manifestations in your life, I warmly suggest you to get a copy of my interactive book The Universe In You through which your pactise your mind power.

I sincerely hope that this story of mine is a contribution on your life. If that’s so, please share these blog post and video and comment. Perhaps you would like to share some similar experience of yours in the comments below? 🙂

Keep glowing,

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