In my previous video and blog post, entitled The Great Sin of Medicine, I praised the branches of life-saving medicine and highlighted those life-threatening sides of medicine in the name of high earnings.

Since it is clear to me that no constructive criticism is helpful if left incomplete, in this video and blog post I would like to put forward my suggestions for practical solutions to improve medicine.

The first association to the word doctor is a person in a white coat with a stethoscope around their neck, whose job is to make a diagnosis and, or send patients for further specialist examination, or prescribe a prescription for some pharmaceutical drug.

And if you have a little closer insight into a typical workplace of medical staff, or even have personally witnessed what is typically going on there, then it is a little more difficult to dissociate yourself from the following pictures…

  • how medical staff treat each other with festive meals at the workplace in the name of various celebrations, which include toasted animals, fatty cakes, and cigarettes, and then top all that with a dessert such as a collective taking blood pressure-lowering pills and medicine for easier digestion;
  • organizing systematic check-ups of the population in local meat-up places, and then prescribing pharmaceutical drugs without explaining that all these chemicals destroy bodily organs, and without offering natural options for restoring health, such as a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle;
  • receiving, by chance, gifts from the pharmaceutical industry, starting with software programs, applications and printed calendars, all the way to luxury cruises, in return for a little sale of a particular drug;
  • the purchase of wholesale pharmaceutical drugs and then reselling them at self-imposed prices;
  • wholesale vaccines to big global companies and organizing free vaccination of workers because… viruses attack in winter – which is of course a big joke because all organisms, including microorganisms, are more active in warmer weather. What medicine calls the influenza virus actually is, is overeating-and-alcohol-drinking virus in the name of celebrations;
    as in the case of children, the virus is called parents-poisoned-children-with-corpses-in-the-name-of-Christmas and paid-the-coca-cola-mascot-to-stuff-them-with-sugared-cow-milk-in-a-chocolate-dressing-in-the-name-of-new-year.

Unfortunately, I know doctors, doctors of medicine who are well-meaning people, have graduated from medical schools with high grades and do their jobs sincerely the way they were taught, but with their medical condition, caused by their dietary choices and their lifestyle, they show that obesity is OK, that diabetes is a normal occurrence, that high pressure is acceptable, that socially accepted drugs, called medicines, are something that every home should have, etc.

My point is: if doctors set an example for the population, then the population lives in a belief that such an example is the standard of health that we should accept.

Here’re my suggestions:

  • The primary task of physicians to be to educate people about health through explanations of the physiology of human body and natural laws;
  • Physicians to be educators whose daily job is to eat and live healthily, and by doing so, be examples to people on how to live healthfully;
  • That each physician be motivated to perform his or her work as best as possible so that the amount of an individual physician’s salary is proportional to how successful the physician is in spreading the message of health, or how many followers they have;
  • Hospitals to remain as they are for emergency rooms and surgical interventions, and beside them nature centers called healing centers should be built.
  • Those who need to be reminded of what they already know in themselves, which is how to live for health results;
  • The main branch of pharmacy to be… permaculture;

Can you see my vision? Can you feel the vibration of that new world? Please leave a reply in the comments.

Hope these blog posts and video have been of useful to you. Thanks in advance for sharing and commenting.

Keep glowing,

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