This is Marina from Health Glows. I am extremely happy and excited because I have the honour and the opportunity to present to you something that many of you have been asking for!

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that since 2013 I’ve spent every European winter in the tropics, mostly in Thailand

Over the years, Thailand has become a place that is very dear to my heart and where I feel at home. Moreover, I like to say that Thailand is my Asian home. 

Whenever I wan in Thailand, many of you have asked me many questions about going to Thailand. As I like when you receive from me interesting and educational content that is packed in high quality package, I have invested several months of dedicated and hard work so that you would get something beautiful & useful.

Finally, I can proudly present to you an online course in the form interesting video lesson series that briefly and concisely answer all your questions on the topic of… How to spend the winter in Thailand.

In this online course you literally get your own virtual journey in which you are guided step-by-step with experienced instructions and advice.

Even if you don’t want to go to Thailand right away this year, I believe you will enjoy the virtual trip you get in this video series.

There is a basic version of this online course in which you get a  series of 22 video lessons, and a version of this course with bonuses.

What will you learn in the online course Winter in Thailand?

In the 22 video lesson series of this course, you get all the most important information for your Thai trip – from preparation to the final moment of your trip:

  • How to use this online course
  • About the city of Chiang Mai and the island of Phangan in general 
  • How to pronounce the names of these places
  • What is the weather like in Thailand the year around
  • What is the Flower Festival, where and when it takes place
  • How to book flights to Thailand
  • How to choose accommodation in Chiang Mai
  • How to choose accommodation on Phangan
  • How to apply for a Thai visa
  • How to plan your itinerary, in other words
  • What places are a must visit
  • What should you pack for your trip
  • What are the power outlets like in Thailand
  • What kind of restaurants are available
  • What is and where is Mueang Mai Market
  • Which water is safe to drink
  • Which transport means are available 
  • What is the burning season
  • How to plan flights to the island
  • How to match a flight with a ferry departure time
  • How to board the ferry efficiently
  • What to do when you arrive to the paradise island
  • And finally – happy travel!

And in addition to these 22 lessons, in the content of the BONUS part you will learn:

  • How to consume tropical fruits
  • Which tropical fruits exist
  • How to make a delicious raw vegan dinner in accommodation without a kitchen
  • And you get access to a group for sharing experiences and support

And just because you have visited my blog, you get another gift!

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Travel to Thailand Expertly Like a Pro

Happy travels,
Marina from Health Glows

Marina from Health Glows

Marina is a passionate traveler who has been spending winters in the tropical or Middle East countries since 2013. Over the year, Thailand has become her go-to place that she likes to call "My Asian Home". Marina loves giving tips on traveling the beautiful kingdom of Thailand and she is the creator of the whole website Travel to Thailand Tips where you can find all the information you need for your Thai escape.

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