In this video, you can see me eating my low-fat, raw, vegan cakes, which in this case weigh 1,250g / 44oz. Usually, I just have fruit for lunch, but sometimes I also have some form of a dessert as a whole meal.

This is the amount of cakes that people are usually afraid to eat within a few days, maybe even weeks, and I eat them in one meal while easily maintaining a healthy and fit body.

How is this possible?

The answer is simple: my cakes consist of pure fruit, maybe sometimes vegetables, if I make carrot cakes for example, but mostly of pure fruit. This way, I can easily make a healthy meal out of cakes.

Now let’s examine these 1,250g / 44oz of my cakes… They contain 1,118 kCal. As I eat twice a day and my daily caloric needs are around 2,000 calories, this is a proper meal for me.

Now let’s take the same amount, the same type of cake according to the standard recipe: it contains amazingly, over 4 times more calories.

We will now compare the fat content. Are you ready for this? The given amount of my cakes contains only 3.2g / 0.11oz of fat, while the same amount of these cakes according to the standard recipe contains a shocking 215g / 7.5oz of fat.

The common misconception is that sugar is the cause of type 2 diabetes and candidiasis, and the opposite is true. It has been known in the scientific community since the early 1930s that the cause of these conditions is insulin resistance, which develops when dietary fats are stored in cells that are not designed to store fat, which are muscle and liver cells. So, when the cells are full of fat, as well as the bloodstream, insulin cannot do its job and that condition is called insulin resistance. In other words, sugar is not to blame. It never was. The culprits are dietary fats. And did you know that most protein foods are actually fatty foods? They are just not called “fatty” food because “protein food” sounds a way better for selling.

The recipe for healthy cakes from this video can be found HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this video and blog post and learned something useful.

Keep glowing,

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