Last weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in a panel on nutrition, together with a doctor of medicine, at a beautiful event dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle. It was obvious how the program of the panel was in favor of the doctor of medicine and how I did not get an equal opportunity to answer the questions asked.

Because who am I… a certified healthy diet and lifestyle coach versus a doctor of medicine. But let’s take into account that diet is NOT taught at medical schools, that outdated teachings on diet are taught in the high school of nutrition and dietetics, with a focus on meaningless nutrition tables and the common opinion that people are omnivores. In contrast, I graduated from schools where we studied exclusively about diet and the connection between diet and health.

Anyhow, on this panel, I managed to say and explain something, but far from enough. But on the other hand, I took the opportunity to listen carefully to this doctor’s statements. In this blog post, I would like to teach you and encourage you how to analyze a particular content that is offered to you. It was interesting to see the audience just nodding their heads obediently. Of course, it’s not people’s fault that they went through the school’s brainwashing system, which encourages a 45-minute obedient nodding and discourages any critical thinking.

However, let’s change that at least a bit with the analysis of the following statements:

1) People are omnivors. 

Nope. People are frugivors. 

The physiology and anatomy of a species determine the optimal diet of a given species. If we look where all the answers are, that is, in nature, we will see that there is a specific diet for every specific species. Species that have the structure and physiology of anthropoid primates, are biologically adapted to a diet of fresh fruits and young greens. The ratio of green vegetables in the diet depends on the length of the intestines. For example, gorillas eat more greens, and chimpanzees and bonobo monkeys eat more fruit. Our closest relatives, bonobo monkeys, who share 99.7% of their genes with us, eat fruit with young greens, and are stronger and healthier than humans.

People can survive on various diets, but our optimal diet is a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, because these food groups best suit our digestive tract.

2) Proper nutrition includes all foods, because all foods contain some nutrients. 

This approach lacks the following key items in understanding nutrition:

  • Food is that which gives us nutrients, and at the same time does not introduce toxins or leave a toxic byproduct of metabolism.

All foods have some toxins. Fruits and vegetables are foods that give us minimal toxins, the very amounts of toxins that our bodies can easily and simply get rid of, with their self-cleansing systems, and at the same time give us all the necessary nutrients.

The food that we have to process in order to make it edible for us, brings toxins into the body and leaves toxic by-products of metabolism in the body.

  • Food for a species is what that species can eat in its natural form.

Cooking, seasoning and oiling food, are all means of processing the natural form of a substance and thus cheating the taste buds. The taste buds represent the guard that tells us what is nutritious and what is toxic to the body. When we deceive our taste buds, we also deceive the health of the body.

  • The only thing that is nutritious for the body is the exact measure, proportion and mutual synergy of nutrients in the whole food.

In other words, if a certain food has a high level of a certain nutrient, it does not mean that that particular food is better for us. More is not better in the world of nutrition. We don’t need more, we need as much as there is in our natural food, which is fresh fruits and vegetables.

3) There is a specific diet for each specific disease.

This is a typical, illogical, unscientific, medical approach that says What is toxic to the healthy, will help heal the sick. This makes no sense, because the laws of nature dictate that the conditions necessary for maintaining health are the same conditions necessary for restoring health.

What is true is that there is a specific diet for each specific species and the body recognizes an introduced substance as either food or a toxic substance. Just because someone is in an unhealthy state does not mean that their physiology and anatomy have changed. Moreover, it only emphasizes the need to comply with the basic parameter for choosing a diet: physiology and anatomy of the body.

After all, the cause of all diseases is nothing else but toxemia, poisoning of the body, and most of today’s diseases are nothing but poisoning of the body with food that is not adequate for the human body.

Whoever belongs to the human species, must eat fresh fruits and vegetables if they want a clean interior of the body, and thus health.

These special hospital diets only reflect the unhealthy conditions, and thus provide business.

4) Type 2 diabetes is an incurable condition that one must live with forever.


Type 2 diabetes is a symptom of fatty blood and insulin receptors on cells. Type 2 diabetes is a symptom of accumulated fat in tissues that are not designed to store fat. The cause of this fatty condition is a diet rich in fats.1,2 

When dietary fats are reduced to a minimum – by eliminating all animal products, oils, margarine and similar fats, and the use of nuts and seeds is reduced to a minimum, the accumulated fats in the body disappears and high insulin sensitivity is achieved.3

Type 2 diabetes is successfully eliminated by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and the same diet is conducive to type 1 and 1.5 diabetes. 3

5) Casein from milk is necessary in a human diet.

Casein is a milk protein that is carcinogenic in the human body. The product of casein metabolism in the human body reacts with toxins and leads to the formation of cancer cells. 4  This was proved by the renowned scientist Dr. Colin Campbell. 

In addition to casein, milk contains lactose, a milk sugar that dissolves into glucose and galactose under the influence of the enzyme lactase in the body, and galactose accumulates in the body and has a toxic effect. 5

Both milk and dairy products cause osteoporosis because they leave the acidic ashes of metabolism in the blood leading to the calcium loss from the bones. 6 

6) Cellulite is a normal occurrence.

No, cellulite is a pathology.

It is interesting that the doctor stated this, because just before this statement, she nicely and correctly explained how cellulite is the accumulation of toxins between fatty cells in the adipose (subcutaneous) tissue. Accumulation of toxins is only normal in an abnormal, sick world, but it is by no means a healthy phenomenon.

I just recently received a compliment-comment on my profile picture on my personal Facebook profile that says:
Marina, you’re lucky to have such tight and muscular legs.

Thanks for the compliment, but there are no punishments and rewards in nature, there are only consequences. I have been choosing to eat a plant-based diet since 2005, and eat exclusively fresh fruits and vegetables since 2012, and I choose to exercise daily. I just have the consequences of my choices.

My point is: these choices, and thus the consequences of these choices, are available to everyone.

7) Fruit makes people fat.

It is interesting that the doctor came to this statement because she first explained very nicely and correctly how weight gain and weight loss are the result of simple mathematics: the number of calories consumed versus the number of calories spent. However, I would also change that explanation into a more accurate statement: the number of calories absorbed versus the number of calories spent.

Fresh fruit is the food that is full of water and soluble fiber, and contains only the necessary amounts of fat. This composition of food is ideal for maintaining a slim line along with satiety.

On the other hand, foods that are high in fat – meat, milk, eggs, oils, nuts, seeds – are foods that most easily contribute to the absorption of excess calories because they contain little water, little or no fiber, and a lot of fat. 1g of fat contains 2 times more calories than 1g of sugar which are dominant in fruit. Plus, all the cells of the human body burn simple sugars in the most efficient and effective way, while fats are the least efficient fuel.

It is possible, of course, to gain weight on fruit as well, a healthy weight gain, but also unhealthy weight. However, to gain excessive weight on fruit, it is necessary to make a great effort in overeating.

For achieving a slim line along with satiety, fruits and vegetables are best friends. I highly recommend you take check out my Big Portions – Lean Body series.

8) Life is one, so we should not deprive ourselves of what we like, such as beer and wine. 


  • is a cellular killer, which means it destroys the cells it comes in contact with, including brain cells,
  • reduces the power of reasoning and thinking,
  • lowers the level of intelligence,
  • destroys the liver,
  • destroys families;

There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy life without the use of psychoactive substances. One of the most beautiful is the celebration of health, the celebration of fruits from nature that give us the vitality to think soberly and to move energetically.

These were the statements that I wanted to draw your attention to and offer you explanations.

To wrap up this video with a positive attitude, I will mention two statements of this doctor with which I absolutely agree. The first statement was that juices and smoothies are inferior to whole foods. Absolutely correct. If you are interested in more explanations, see MY EXPLANATION about why smoothies are not a healthy option. And the other statement was that a healthy diet is colorful.

Yes! What is more colorful and more vibrant in colors, than whole fruits which colors are so pronounced among the green leaves on trees! Cooked food is gray, the use of the same in the diet leads to grayness in the body, so to speak. When you think of a healthy diet, think of a picture of colorful plates in bright colors of fruits and vegetables.

I hope this blog post is beneficial to use. Thank you in advance for commenting and sharing it.

For your health,






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