I want to present you why the reasons to fear the coronavirus are not justified, and on the other hand, why the reasons to fear vaccines are more than justified.

In the early folklore of various nations around the world, there are stories of monsters attacking people, and then a hero comes along, destroys the monster and thus saves the people. Following this, the hero would typically become the ruler. In the base of all these stories is the message: frightened people are easy to manipulate with.

In its infantile phase, medicine credited what it calls diseases to evil spirits and demon possessing people and offered cures in the form of its witchcraft and exorcisms. (1) (3)

So many years later, nothing has changed in medicine. Medicine still does not recognize that a disease is the body’s intelligent attempt to self-clean and self-heal. According to my personal definition, disease is a normal reaction of the body to abnormal conditions.

However, since today it is a little harder to frighten a modern man with the stories demons and evil spirits, medical practitioners are now crediting diseases to bacteria and viruses, and have sophisticated their witchcraft and exorcisms into nicely packaged pharmaceutical drugs.

And here I want to make a disclaimer and express my due respect and appreciation to all the practitioners of medicine who are doing their jobs in a dedicated and honest way and thus are saving lives.

Now let me show you something beautiful!
This is our beautiful Holy Mother Earth! (watch the video)

And she is flooded with bacteria. Bacteria are all around us, on top of us, inside of us. In fact, the life on the Planet is impossible without bacteria. (3)

Bacteria play a very important role – the role of a nature’s garbageman. Bacteria on your skin clean your skin, bacteria in your mouth clean your teeth, bacteria in your intestines clean your intestines…

The problem arises when you expose bacteria to toxic garbage or toxic food residue, or on overall non hygiene. And let’s remember that hygiene is not achieved through the use of various cosmetic products, but by maintaining the cleanliness of the body inside and out through a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle habits.

In addition to the role of a garbageman, bacteria produce important nutrients, such as vitamin B12.

And while bacteria are living microorganisms, viruses are submicroscopic, non-living parts of dead cells.

Now let’s take a look at this ash. Judging by the fact that there is ash here, we can logically conclude that there was a fire burning here.

Now, would you say that just because there is ash here, that this ash caused the fire? Of course, ash is not a match!

Is it wise to expose yourself to ash deliberately? No… but still, ash, that is a virus, is not a match.

In any case, putting the focus of your attention on bacteria and viruses is the wrong focus of attention. The whole focus of your attention should be put on… Let me explain this in the following manner. Are you ready for this? Watch me and listen to me carefully! (watch the video)

This is how long your intestines are!

Not only are they long, they are also winding and full of bacteria. Thus, it is very important what you put inside of them. The food that is appropriate for this about 25 feet, 7 meters, long and winding tube, is the food that can easily pass through, which would be food rich in water and soluble fiber, that is fresh fruits and veggies.

When you put some other food in your intestines, that cannot pass through that easily, that food, so to speak, gets stuck in your intestines and starts to spoil. Proteins putrefy, fats go rancid and sugars ferment.

That spoiled food presents toxic garbage to those little garbage men inside of your intestines and thus they get poisoned, which results in the poisoning of your cells.

And then it’s easy to blame everything on a virus, but it is wiser to take responsibility.

Now let us all together think a little bit about vaccines, because this whole drama called the coronavirus is an overture for a mandatory vaccination and micro-chipping people.

I am going to mention just a couple of key factors here as a food for thought:

  • The coronavirus was isolated in humans in 1965. (4) How come that this virus was not problematic for 55 years, and then all of a sudden in 2020, all the problems of this world are blamed on a tiny virus. What is going on in the world right now, that actually caused this pandemic that is blamed on a virus? And I say quote on quote, because the given pandemic numbers are highly debatable.
  • Where is the proven cause and effect relationship between the virus and deaths of this year?
  • 1918 was a year of another great pandemic, called The Spanish Flu. What was happening in the world that year as well? Radio was introduced at the same time. Is it possible that radio waves, like new, previously unknown electromagnetic radiation, led to the shock of human cells?

    Is it possible that now in 2020, when the 5G network is being introduced, human cells are shocked by this new, until now unknown, electromagnetic radiation? Due to this shock, the human cells die, especially if they are so loaded with toxins that they cannot withstand the radiation. Less toxic cells seem to withstand the radiation better. And then the parts of these dead cells can be classified as the coronavirus. And the medical community say: here is the proof – we found the coronavirus on the spot of a dead cell. But remember… ash is not a match!

  • And would you like now to talk a little bit about what medicine calls immunity? Immunity is one of the biggest lies of medicine, created to sell drugs for boosts immunity.

    Immune system as an anatomical system does not exist. We might say that the immune system exists as a physiological system, in which parts of different anatomical systems work together. However, the sole name immune system is false! The body by its very nature and its innate, infinite intelligence to fight against harmful factors and to fight for health will never become IMMUNE. Immune means dead!

    Strengthening the immunity is actually lowering the vitality of the body.

    This is a topic for a whole another blog post, as for now please just take away the following message: an immune body is a body that no longer has a drop of vitality to react and fight against harmful substances, forces, influences and conditions that the body is exposed to.

  • Would you trust a seller who was:

    In the 1900’s, selling radioactive water as a medicine, then withdrawing it from the market, and then reintroducing radioactive treatments some hundred years later? (5)

    selling heroin as a cough suppressant? (6)

    selling mercury for the treatment of syphilis? (7)

    selling cocaine as a panacea, especially for people who felt a bit tired? (8)

    selling AZT, also known as zidovudine, for cancer treatment, but when it turned out that the drug was actually a carcinogen, they withdrew it from sale for a short time and then put it back on sale now as an anti-AIDS drug? (9)

    advertising tobacco as healthy? (10)

    performed lobotomies to treat mental illnesses? (11)

    Would you trust such a seller if they told you now that they invented a vaccine against as?

  • The history of vaccines is unfortunate. It is riddled with cause-and-effect cases of using vaccines and the onset of paralysis (12), organ failures (13) and deaths. (14)

The point of this video is: we must together stand up and say NO to vaccines, say NO to the 5G network, say YES to the world without vaccines, say YES to the world without the 5G network and focus our attention on enhancing the vitality of our bodies through a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle habits.

I sincerely hope that this bog post is of service to you. Thank you in advance for sharing this blog post and for commenting.

For your health,

3 https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/B9780443073670000409


7 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1470496/
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