In this blog post and video I want to share with you an interesting story. It is about one of my successful manifestations of one of my wishes. Let’s look at that word successful for a moment. Let us first realize that we are extremely successful in manifesting our thoughts. Moreover, we constantly live manifestations of our own thoughts. So, it is very important what thoughts we allow to play a role in our lives. Now, let’s get to the story.

  • March 2016

After a month of living on a small island in the southern Philippines, I travelled to the Thai island of Phangan and stayed there for a month. During that month, on one occasion, my roommate at the time and I were visiting a friend who was at the time living in a villa on a very nice fenced property, almost hidden in the jungle. Being a big fan of architecture and interior design, my encounter with that villa was love at the first sight.

As I walked up the stairs to the front door of the villa, I thought how nice it would be to live there. Immediately after that thought, it was as if I heard an enviable voice in my head:

  • And how do you think you can afford this dreamy girl?

I surprised myself when I silenced that voice:

  • Shut up for once and let me at least fantasize!

I would like to mention another moment during that visit. As I walked past the guest room, I was surprised when I heard my own thought:

  • This shall be my room.

I immediately laughed at the thought.

However, two years later …
… it really became my room for a month.

After that above described visit, my roommate at the time and I returned to our beautiful, but more modest house, and I remember how I expressed out loud my gratitude for our then house, for the island, for the beach and for the ocean.

That month of 2016, on the island of Phangan, I also met a talented photographer from my home country of Serbia for whom I modelled. You will find out soon why this information is relevant to this story.

Before my departure from Phangan in 2016, I wrote a story about how I lived in a villa on a tropical island and I was modelling.

  • February 2017

I returned to the island and stayed there again for a month. No villa, nor the photographer, nor modelling, were there in sight for me. Not that I was expecting anything really, what’s more, I forgot about it all.

But the Universe had not forgotten…

  • Autumn 2017

I got a message from a photographer I met in 2016, saying:

  • Hi Marina! How are you? Are you going to Phangan this coming winter? Remember that villa where our mutual friend lived last year? Well, we rented it now. If you want, the guest room is all yours. And if you would be willing to be my model again, I would be happy to take photos of you.

And of course… grateful and happy I accepted the invitation, and I spend a beautiful month in the villa I wanted, doing what I wanted…

And some of the pictures we took during that period, entered my book The Universe in You, an interactive book with which you learn how to carefully choose thoughts, and thus manifestations in your life.

I would like you to learn the following lessons from this story:

  • Nurture the heart of a child. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.
  • Get rid of generational teachings about lack and realize how free you are in your creation. God is both the creator and the creation.
  • The universe knows better than you when you are ripe for some manifestation. Your task is not to manifest by force in the outside world, because that is not the way to the inner satisfaction no matter how much material goods have been collected. Rather, work on your inner world. This way, the desired manifestations will come as a reflection on your enriched inner world, but more importantly, you will achieve inner satisfaction. As above, so below, as within, so without.
  • Be grateful for what you already have and as if you already have what you want. Those who have, will have.

This is just one of many similar stories, and I believe you have some similar experiences to share. Feel free to write them in the comments and share some inspiring stories with us all!

If this story of mine means anything to you, please share it.

Keep glowing,

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