I am sending you warm regards from the beautiful mountain Tara in Serbia. ⛰🇷🇸

We have been staying here for 28 days in comfortable accommodation, Lights in the Mountains, which I warmly recommend. If your path takes you to Tara, then I believe that this accommodation will provide comfortable stay for you.

And here, surrounded with pine forests, mountain peaks and lakes, we found a perfect retreat for a very special event… This is the first, organised, group 3-week water fast in Europe under a professional supervision of a water fasting expert who has been for running a water feasting center in Costa Rica for the past 26 year and has rich experience of working with over 15,000 clients from around the world. 

But to give you a clear picture of ​​how it happened that this event took place, let’s go back to February this year.

In February of this year – 2022 – I am going to Costa Rica, without giving anyone the real reason and intention for that trip, keeping it as a secret. ✈️🇨🇷🌺

In Costa Rica, I am doing a 3 week water fast at a center dedicated exclusively to water fasting. This center is run by Loren Lockman, a water-fasting expert who has dedicated his entire career and life to helping people regain their health through this powerful process – water fasting under professional guidance. 💦

After finishing my water fast, I am releasing, for many people a shocking, video in which I show how I looked like after 21 days consuming nothing but pure water.

That video was followed by a whole video series in which I explained one by one stage of the whole fast: how I introduced food, how I started exercising, an interview with Loren Lokman, what you need to know about fasting, and a QA live

You can watch this video series HERE.

I honestly never dreamed that these videos of mine would motivate other people to water fast, because I always thought that abstinence from food in general was not such a popular idea.

However, many of you have expressed a strong desire to do a supervised water fast, but that for now, traveling to CR is not an option for you and you would like to water fast in Europe. At first, I just dismissed all the comments of this kind without taking any action to organize something. And then it happened that 3 brave and very determined ladies, almost at the same time, and independently of each other, contacted me, saying that they wanted to fast as soon as possible, along with child-like honesty in their question
When are we starting?

And so… your wish is my command! 🧚‍♀️

At the beginning of May this year, I announced an organised, group, supervised 3 week water fast in my home country of Serbia for June in collaboration with Loren Lockman.

Honestly, I was suspicious that we were going to succeed in bring this idea to its realization because we faced various obastacles in the preparation phase, but here we are… the whole 21 day fast is now behind us, it was very successful, and our clients had their first bites of food after 21 days of just resting and drinking water. 

And now it’s time to hear what they have to say about this fast. (watch the video from the top of this page)

Water fasting, when done CORRECTLY and SAFELY under professional supervision, is an elixir for the whole body and provides numerous health benefits. 💦🌟

And vice versa – just not eating along with having stress, doing activities and without a sense of safety because you are without professional guidance, is NOT water fasting, let alone body regeneration. What’s more, it can be dangerous, and it is always DESTRUCTIVE to health. ‼️

If you would also like to do a supervised water fast in Europe, with experience guidance, I am inviting you to our next organised fasting retreat for which you can find all the details below ⬇️

Gift Yourself REGENERATION of Your Body, Mind & Soul

  • Supervised water fast is a REGENERATIVE process of the whole body
  • The body has the ability to SELF-HEAL when digestive functions are shut down for a temporary period
  • Water fasting UNDER PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION in SAFE conditions of peace, surrounded by the silence and beauty of nature is an absolutely safe and extremely POWERFUL 
  • Gift yourself this regeneration

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