Dear all… ☺️

I encourage you to open-mindedly watch the listed videos below. These videos are part of the same video series under the topic that is, I believe, extremely intriguing for many people – water only fasting.

In the first of these videos, I am speaking to you on the 22nd day of my water fast, that is after three weeks without consuming any food. I went through this process under professional and experienced supervision in a center dedicated to water fasting – Tanglewood Wellness Center in Costa Rica 🇨🇷🌺💦💦💦

Please note that with this video series:

⛔️ I do NOT encourage people to fast for more than 3 days without professional supervision

⛔️ I do NOT promote a calorie deficit diet in everyday life, that is anorexia

⛔️ I do NOT intend to stay this skinny, nor do I consider it as an acceptable body look

I am asking you for just a bit of patience and willingness to watch this video series (there will be 6 videos in total, so I will publish two more videos in the upcoming days) before, at least some people, start critisising and insulting me 🙏

I will answer your burning questions and resolve the doubts in the following videos – thank you for your patience ♥️ ️

And now… please watch these videos open-mindedly 🙏

Thank you

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  1. Jeanne

    I did enjoy your blog and videos. Congratulations!! You’ve done something that I have wanted to do – water fasting! Here’s to your good health.

    1. Thank you dear Jeanne for your love and support ♥️

      Oh… I have been wanting to this for a decade 🙈

  2. Eriko

    Thank you for sharing your experience in Costa Rica. I enjoyed your all videos about water fasting. I got inspired by an instagrammer ( Jeff, maybe you know him) and then I saw some people warning the danger of water fasting as a reaction to one of his posts. Then I started to watch YouTube videos of Loren Lockman. What he is talking about in these videos made sense for me and I got very interested in water fasting. But, I had suffered from eating disorder for a long time, so I am honestly a bit scared of my body’s reaction after the fasting, even if I am not interested in the fasting for a weight loss at all. So your videos helped me to learn more about the water fasting. Thank you very much !

    1. Hi dear Eriko!

      Thank you very much for watching my videos and your kind comment. I absolutely understand you! You are not alone my friend in your battles.
      From my experience, water fasting is doable, safe and helps you heal your relationship with food. 🙏☺️

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