Ever since this whole so-called pandemic, or better say pLandemic, broke out, I have persistently tried to bring some reasonable thinking among the frightened people with my videos and posts on social media and thus remove one of the biggest poisons, and that is fear.

It is easy to manipulate people when they are in fear, and I hope that this story of mine from this blog post will remove you from that shadow of fear and offer you a feeling of safety and self-confidence, so that you can get rid of those manipulation strains.

In my videos and social media posts, I offered an explanation of how the presence of the virus in the body is not proof that the virus is the cause of a so-called disease, but the virus is rather PROOF that the body has been full of toxins.

My explanation received much sympathy and support on one hand, but on the other hand, extremely strong criticism, severe insults and even threats, with a request to show some evidence of my statements.

Ah… my statements… they’re not even my statements. I am merely sharing what eminent scientists before me discovered and proved.

I can share with you, though, my personal experience.

As it happened, in different months of 2020, I lived in seven different countries, both in Asia and in Europe, I was avoiding wearing a mask as much as possible, I mostly did not wear a mask even at the airports or on the planes. I do not wear gloves, nor do I use hand sanitizers, and there was even a period when I shared living space with the coronavirus positive people who had symptoms of Covid 19 during that period.

Finally, I did a PCR test in December. And got the results…


When the nurse gave me a printed report with my results, and when I saw that word NEGATIVE in capitals, I excitedly started talking about how I lived with the coronavirus positive people for a couple of weeks prior to taking the test, and how I don’t wear a mask, how I freely traveled around the world during the 2020 pandemic and yet I’m negative, which just means that…

Viruses are not as bad as rumors would like you to believe.

I paused in my excited talking in anticipation that the nurse would take an interest in my story and ask me what was my diet like and what my life habits were like, so we can explain to other people what they need to do to remain in a high level of health.

To my disappointment, the nurse just shrugged her shoulders and commented without showing a slight interest: You must have good immunity… and let me know that she was busy.

I was absolutely disappointment. Wasn’t she interested in how I developed a strong defense system? Wasn’t the whole point to teach people how to eat and live in order to ensure a high level of vitality, and thus health?

On my way out from that building, I noticed the walls of the hallway I was passing through, it was full of posters encouraging people to wear masks, wash their hands, keep the social distance, and there was even a separate poster dedicated to encouraging people to get vaccinated.

Vaccines are full of toxins.

I immediately thought: Where are the posters with colorful pictures of fruits and veggies, encouraging people that now, more than ever before, is of super importance to eat a diet of fresh fruits and veggies?

Can you guess how many of these colorful pictures there were? Zero!

Truth to be told, there were two posters talking about the importance of diet. They were recommending meat, milk, dairy products, oils and various cooked foods. So much about the diet promoted by a government institute that is supposedly making sure that people stay in good health.

Well, yes… I thought… create a reason for the vaccine, scare people, then vaccinate them to your heart’s content…

And what if there is a nicer, wiser and healthier way?

Despite the fact that the theory that viruses cause disease is wildly (yet blindly) believed, I would like to encourage you to think open-mindedly about the validity of that theory.

Back in the 1800s, there was a heated debate between the pharmacist Louis Pasteur and the French scientist Antoine Bechamp. Pasteur claimed that bacteria and viruses cause diseases, while Antoine Bechamp explained that diseases are not something that is caught, but are simply a consequence of a toxic environment inside the body.

Analogy: Are the flies around a pile of garbage cause of that garbage? Did the firefighters who are at the scene of the fire cause the fire?

The anatomy and physiology of the human body are suited for a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, with moderate amounts of nuts and seeds. When food that does not belong to these groups, i.e. meat, milk, dairy products, cooked food, oil, vinegar, sweets are consumed… toxic by-products of metabolic processes of such food remains in the body + the toxins from that food itself.

Thus, over time, a state of toxemia is created – a state when the body is oversaturated with toxins. In the state of toxemia, the level of vitality is very low, while the level of toxins in the body is very high.

When the body is trying to get rid of toxins, the body has to perform certain activities that are recognized by the medical establishment as symptoms of diseases. But the truth is that diseases are a myth. There are no diseases that attack the body. It is always about the activities of the body, the body trying to get rid of toxins.

As diseases are a myth, so are drugs a myth. There is no substance that has the intelligence to heal, because healing is a physiological process that the body intelligently conducts when it has the adequate circumstances to do so.

Also, the raw plant diet that I practice and suggest is NOT a cure. It is simply a diet that allows the body to maintain a high level of vital energy, so that the body has a strong defense system against negative factors and clean, non-poisoned tissues, cells and intercellular spaces.

On the other hand, eating food of animal origin, cooked and processed foods, weakens the body, so the body is not able to defend itself from external negative influences, and is forced to expel toxins that have accumulated inside the body. Some of these toxins are exosomes, or viruses. Thus, the presence of the virus in the tissues is not proof that the virus is the cause of the disease, but proof that the body has been in the state of toxemia.

I hope that explanation is useful to you and that it has freed you from fear, and motivated to you to take responsibility over you own health, realizing that in that responsibility lies you power. So, take your health into your own hands!

I hope that this blog post was beneficial to you. Thank you in advance for commenting and sharing it.

For your health,



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