🦷🤍 Keep your teeth and gums healthy with this natural homemade mouthwash 🤍🦷

Rinsing the mouth with this mouthwash 

  • removes food residues from the teeth
  • effectively prevents the accumulation of plaque on the teeth
  • reduces the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth

Why is it better NOT to brush your teeth after eating? 🦷🤍

🦷 After eating, the pH value in the mouth drops down ⬇️

🦷 Tooth enamel becomes vulnerable in that acidic environment 🥺

🦷 Brushing your teeth at that moment can damage tooth enamel 😬

🦷 Solution: after eating, rinse your mouth with natural mouthwash 👌


  • about 300 ml / 1.2 cups of clean water

  • 1 teaspoon of stevia powder

  • about 15 drops of clove essential oil


  • water filter
  • blender
  • glass bottle with a lid

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  • Fill a glass bottle with clean water

  • Pour the water into the blender. 

  • Add one teaspoon of stevia powder and about 15 drops of clove essential oil

  • Blend everything together

  • Pour the mouthwash into a glass bottle

  • Take a sip after each meal.

Do you use any mouthwash? Leave your answers in the comments below.

Keep glowing,

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