I have a vision! And I need YOU! I need you to share my vision, so that we can together make it a reality. Because, the reality that we all live in is the reflection of dominating minds.

The reality that we all live in is the reflection of dominating minds.

Marina from Health Glows

If we take a good look at today’s health care system, we can see that it is focused on diseases and illnesses. And in my previous blog-post, we acknowledged that by choosing thoughts and words, we choose manifestations in our life experiences. 

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

According to this sickness care system, doctors do not have the opportunity to do their real job, which justifies the origin of the word doctor, which is the Latin word doctrine, which means to teach, to be a teacher who teaches people how to live and eat in order to be healthy, but above that, show by example.

Instead of doing that primary and noble role of being a doctor, today most MDs are locked in those claustrophobic ordinations, where they welcome in those whom are called the sick and give them what the big pharma dictates.

And now, just to shake you a bit from your sleepy state, I will touch, verbally that is, your wallet.

The economic organization of that sickness care system is such that the whole society pays rewards and benefits to those who least take care of their health.

Now, please… give me just a couple of minutes to transfer this image I have in my mind into your mind…

I have a vision of a system that is focus on HEALTH and this system can be described with the 4 following features:

  1. Doctors are health educators whose primary job is to give classes, lectures, talks on interesting and useful topics about health, diet, exercise, in short, on the causes of health.

    These lectures are occasions for useful and constructive, physical, or in this day and time online, gatherings at which people learn, make friends, exchange experiences and provide mutual support to each other.

  2. Motivational scoring systems are being introduced, in which all members of a given community participate. This scoring system does not measure the competitive performance among members, but the personal progress of each member, with the main motto:

    Be at least a little bit better today than yourself from yesterday.

    At the end of each month, the member who has made the most visible personal progress receives a reward. Remember how at the beginning of the video I mentioned that economic side of the current system, according to which the society pays spa center bills for those who take the least care of their health.

    And how would it be if the society pays rewards to those who take the best care of their health? How about someone being rewarded for replacing tobacco use with walking in nature, or someone being rewarded for switching to a raw plant-based diet, or for running a marathon, or for a personal weightlifting record, or for planting the most fruit trees?

    This would be a system that would motivate people to constantly work on their personal progress.

    And the best part is that the communities would be relatively small, so the awards would be rotated among the members, in other words, everyone who puts effort to stay healthy would have the opportunity to receive the award at least once.

  3. The notions of diseases, patients and hospitals, are excluded, because as long as we have these notions in our minds, we will also have visible manifestations of the same.

    Correction, since this is the Universe of Inclusion, we cannot exclude anything. We can only replace. So we are replacing the ideas of ​​diseases with the ideas of ​​health. Thus, we have healing processes, the people in healing and healing places.

  4. Those hospital wings that are necessary to save lives in emergencies and for emergency surgical interventions, are kept as they are, and healing places are opened. These are beautiful places in nature that have no hospital walls, and instead have just the basic walls made from ecological and health friendly materials like timber, hemp, mud… with the emphasis of people being more outside, in nature, in the flower gardens, orchards and vegetable gardens.

    The people in healing could go there whenever they need a little more rest, a warm word of support, just to remind them how to get back on track.

    And on the sites of these healing places, there would also be stages for classical music concerts.

And now… since I trust that I have successfully transferred this vision from mind into your mind, I have only one question for you!  

Who is with me? 

I hope that the message from this blog post resonates with you. Thank you in advance for commenting and sharing this blog post. 

For your health,

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