My education in the field of health and diet gives me the confidence, credibility and expertise to talk about the substances, forces, influences and conditions that are required for the body in order not to increase the toxemia in the body, the accumulation of toxins in the body, and at the same time to increase the vitality of the body. A detailed blog post on this topic can be found HERE.

I had one course in epidemiology and virology in medical high school that certainly does not put me in the position of a professional epidemiologist or virologist. So I am going to make this blog post, which I dedicate closely to viruses, especially to the coronavirus, in questions.

In these virulent times, we see that the media is very good at spreading panic and fear, and most people, as far as I can see, just obediently nod their heads. However, I would like to encourage you to be a little more suspicious, and I hope this blog post gives you a good idea of ​​questions that might make a lot of sense.

  • How reliable is the coronavirus test?
  • Where did this test come from, and was the reliability and accuracy of this test itself, tested in an enough rigorous and detailed way?
  • Is it true that the test shows positive results even when there is actually no coronavirus?
  • Is this test useful if it does not give quantitative results, in the sense that it shows a positive result for even one unit of the virus, and it is known that many more units of the virus are required for the viral disease to manifest at all?
  • Is there a difference between dying FROM the coronavirus and dying WITH the corona?
  • How is it known that people who died supposedly from the coronavirus, did not actually die from some other illness that they had before the coronavirus?
  • Or let me paraphrase this question: if you have a glass that is full to the brim and then you add just one more drop to this glass, and thus the glass runs over, would you say that the glass ran over because of the last drop?
  • How many people actually died from the coronavirus alone?
  • Which people are the most susceptible to this virus?
  • Is there anything in common for diabetes, being overweight, heart diseases, high blood pressure, cancer and chronic respiratory diseases?
  • If toxemia – the level of accumulated toxins in the body – is the cause of all the conditions mentioned above, and I assure you that it is, can we paraphrase the given information like this: people who are most susceptible to this virus are those who have a high level of toxemia, that is, a high level of accumulated toxins in the body?
  • Or maybe like this: the more poisoned your body is inside, the more vulnerable you are if you come in contact with the coronavirus, or any other pathogen for that matter.
  • Has this been explained in the media anywhere?
  • If you isolate a virus in a Petri dish, will it reproduce?
  • Is it then possible that viruses, being sub-microscopic, non-living substances, are actually products of some other living entities, perhaps mutagenic cells or bacteria?
  • Is it known that cooking foods produces many toxic compounds, some of which are classified as mutagens – compounds that cause cell mutations?
  • Does it make sense to focus on scaring people about the virus, without even mentioning the importance of keeping one’s body clean inside through a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle choices, which I describe in detail HERE?
  • Is it possible that children are not attacked by the coronavirus, simply because children have not poisoned their bodies long enough as some adults have been doing for decades, but not because they wanted to poison themselves, but rather because they were misinformed by the medical authorities?
  • Is it known that fear is a disease in itself, first on the psychological, and then on the physical level?
  • Does it then make sense to put so much emphasis on the information that spreads fear?
  • Example: Flash news – In a 10,000 citizen city, 100 cases of the coronavirus have been reported.
    Why not tell the news this way: In a 10,000 citizen city, 9,900 people are coronavirus free?
  • Would it be far more productive and wiser to focus all our attention on educating people on how they can reduce the level of toxemia in their bodies and increase vitality so that their bodies can easily defended against the coronavirus and any other pathogen?
  • Is it possible that in the 21st century there is a need to teach people about the importance of washing their hands, not coughing in other people’s faces and not eating bats?
  • If the authorities really wanted to help with their precautionary measures, how is it possible that they did not immediately withdraw all the tobacco from sales in this respiratory virus pandemic?
  • If the Chinese authorities put people’s health ahead of the profits from this meat market in this Chinese city where the pandemic began to spread, why did they close the market only briefly and then reopened it?
  • If the germs are EVERYWHERE around us, how do authorities know that the coronavirus is not inside of the quarantines, especially group quarantines, and more so than outside in the mountains, at the beaches, in the parks …?
  • If all life forms, including microorganisms, are more active in warmer weather, how come that the flu, and now the corona, spreads in winter? What is else going on in winter?
  • Is it possible that people generally participate in certain activities that do not support health more in wintertime than in summertime? Is it possible that all these viral diseases in winter are, in fact, diseases of eating foods that are incompatible with the human body, of drinking alcohol, of being inside, and of the lack of physical activity? Why don’t viral diseases generally happen in summer when people live more healthily?
  • Is it possible that there is something else going on in the world simultaneously with this coronavirus pandemic, from which people’s attention has been absolutely distracted from?
  • How harmful is the 5G network that is being just by chance, introduced at the same time?

I sincerely hope that these questions are meaningful and thought provocative to you. Thanks in advance for sharing this blog post and for commenting.

For your health,

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