One of the most common questions I get is what is my diet like on my travels. 🗺✈️

In my typical reply to the what-do-you-eat kind of a question, I like also to remind that exercise is part of the diet. 

And then the next question immediately follows:
Do you also exercise while traveling? 🧐

These kind of questions always make me smile, because to me such questions sound like 

Do you wash and brush your teeth when you travel? 

You see… in whatever location I find myself, from the peaks of the Alps, to tropical islands ⛰🏝
and in whatever conditions, from private moments to large family gatherings and festivals 🙋‍♀
I always bring with me MYSELF and my chosen lifestyle. 

A diet of fresh fruits & vegetables along with exercise is simply the lifestyle that allows me most to enjoy vitality and health, and this is why such a lifestyle is my priority. ☺️
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