Too much noise about this infamous virus called Corona. And from my understanding, and I could confidently bet I’m right, all this viral news is just an overture for… 

But let’s start from the beginning. With this blog post, I want to bring some sound thinking and clarity into the story of this virus.

First, let’s understand what virus is.

According to the Cambridge University Dictionary, virus is – extremely tiny organic matter that causes diseases in humans, animals and plants.

With all my due respect to Cambridge, this is an incorrect definition. They have a similar definition for bacteria, which again is not true.

Just because viruses or bacteria can be often found on a disease site does not prove that they caused it.

The media gives us a picture of a virus flying around and attacking people, which is absurd, and they are very god at pointing out how many people have been hit and killed by a coronavirus. Has anyone actually paused for a second and questioned in which state of health were the people who died, supposedly from this virus?

I will tell you, the people who died, supposedly from this virus, were people whose bodies had been debilitated for years by eating the foods that are not suitable for the human body, breathing polluted air and other unhealthy lifestyle habits. Such bodies had very little vitality and many toxins within.

Viruses, like bacteria, cannot proliferate on a healthy, living soils, but only on a toxic soil. And from my understanding, their very purpose is to finish the toxic soil.

In fact, viruses are submicroscopic, non-living, parts of dead cells, so viruses are naturally part of a cellular life cycle and are a normal part of life on this planet.

All cells of the body are constantly renewing, old cells die and new cells replace them. For example, your skin is constantly renewing, you have dead cells on the surface of your skin, the body gets rid of them, and they are replaced by new skin cells. Parts of those dead cells probably could be classified as viruses and they are normally on the surface of your body, in you, around you.

The problem arises when humans intake toxins, viruses, and bacteria, by eating dead animals and dead plants. And then they have their intestines full of toxic material that is an ideal soil for the development of viruses and bacteria.

Everyone around now is making sure they are washing their hands ten times and are buying various disinfecting products, which are in themselves, toxic. Well, none of that helps, all the while there is a cemetery of corpses rotting in their guts, all the while people are full of fecal matter that is a suitable soil for the virus proliferation, all the while people are full of sh**… I mean… fecal matter.

HIV, flu, corona… what’s next? What is the next virus to be named? And why should anyone want to name a virus? Oh…

  • frighten
  • medicate
  • manipulate
  • take money
  • murder

Healthy, strong organisms easily live with HIV, or influenza, or corona. Viruses are not a problem in themselves, the problem is that humans poison their bodies and thus become walking soils for the virus proliferation.

In fact, this blog post is such a perfect follow-up of my previous blog post.

Hm… how comes… the previous blog post explains why some people feel cold on a raw vegan diet…

Oh, yes, and there I explain how the body responds to the intake of cooked food with a defense mechanism: digestive leukocytosis which is followed with a fever.

One of the symptoms of corona virus is fever. People on a standard diet already cause one of the symptoms of this virus, in a mild form that is, but still a symptom, but no one is even talking about it.

Why? Because no one is going to make a vaccine against cooked food. But they will make a vaccine against…

Let’s go back to the beginning of this blog post.

And from my understanding, and I could confidently bet I’m right, all this viral news is just an overture for… a mandatory vaccination against corona virus with toxic vaccines.

And as for the symptoms such as coughing, runny nose, sneezing, fever… It’s again a medical misunderstanding of how the body works.

All symptoms are self-cleansing and self-healing physiological activities of the body. What medicine calls pathology is actually physiology.

My definition of disease:
Disease – a normal reaction of the body to abnormal conditions.

I hope this blog post brings some clarification about this viral condition.

If you like this blog post, please feel free to share it. Please let me know in the comments your thoughts on this blog post and perhaps share some of your knowledge on this topic. 

Keep glowing,

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