No, the greatest sin of medicine is not that it was prescribing:

  • smoking cigarettes,

Nor its practice of:

  • blood letting with scalpels or leeches; nor
  • confinement of patients in closed, non ventilated rooms without fresh air and water consumption;

No, the greatest sin of medicine is NOT that:

  • it calls itself a science, while it cannot be a science, because a science must have a logical basis, and medicine is based on an illogical basis that says
    What will hurt a healthy person will help a sick person to heal.

No, the greatest sin of medicine is NOT that:

  • it has sold its soul to the big pharma, and is selling toxic pharmaceutical drugs right, left, and center;
  • iatrogenic causes are the third cause of death among humans;
  • it is killing people with chemotherapy;
  • with unnecessary and expensive over-testing leads to additional exhaustion of people who actually need rest;
  • promotes a carcinogenic diet containing animal products;

The greatest sin of medicine is that it is making war against the body, against the divine energy that governs the body from the moment when two cells become one, which has not yet been scientifically explained, and that one evolves into about 37 trillion cells that make up the human body.

The human body is a collection of living cells and far more bacteria. Yes, the human body is made up more of bacteria rather than cells, and bacteria are found everywhere on, in and around us. What’s more, bacteria lead and sustain this planet’s life. The war on bacteria is a war on life.


  • anti = against
  • bio = life

All these cells and bacteria of the human body work in synergy with each other, unconditionally, tirelessly and continuously from the moment when the life begins until the last breath, to sustain life and in a constant, committed struggle to establish HEALTH.

By its size, each and one of these cell, can be comfortably placed on a tip of a needle, and yet contains infinite intelligence that all the human intelligence together of this world cannot grasp!

Each of these cells, with the size of a needle tip, is a small world in itself, containing many organelles that, like factories, work tirelessly and constantly to produce energy in the form of low-voltage electrical impulses to perform all the bodily activities.

Each of these cells, with the size of a needle tip, possesses innate, hereditary, infinite intelligence that guides it to constantly, at every moment of life, in collaboration with trillions of other cells and bacteria, monitor the body and direct the energy it creates in the form of electrical impulses to cleanse and heal the body as needed through the emphasized physiological activities of the body.

These emphasized physiological activities of the body are misinterpreted by medicine as pathology.

  • Coughing – emphasized physiological exhalations through which the body cleanses the lungs.
  • Sneezing – emphasized physiological exhalations through which the body cleanses the breathing pathways.
  • Vomiting – emphasized physiological work of the stomach through which the body removes unwanted content from the stomach.
  • Diarrhea – emphasized physiological work of the colon through which the body removes toxic content from the bowls.
  • Fever – the most intelligent mechanism of the body that is triggered when the hypothalamus detects the body’s saturation with toxins and destroys them, so to speak, by cooking.
  • Swelling – a natural bandage that the body makes when it detects an injured part of the body, and then sends an increased flow of blood and lymph into that area in order to remove the injured cells and replace them with new cells.
  • Candidiasis – a defense mechanism of the body with the help of a fungus that lives in the intestines and blood of mammals, and for the purpose of defense against hyperglycemia due to a fatty diet.
  • Osteoporosis – a defense mechanism of the body when the body sacrifices the bones in order to save the life due to a diet that leaves acidic metabolic ash.

And then people think they are smart to:

  • stops coughing, sneezing, vomiting, and diarrhea;
  • reduce a fever;
  • put ice on a swelling;
  • kill candida;
  • pour cow’s milk in humans’ bones;

In the secondary medical school, that I graduated from, we were taught from several subjects, on top with the subject of Pathology, that diseases are the entities that invade the body. Literally, the lessons began with these words.

The truth is quite the opposite. The truth is, there is no pathology. All that medicine calls pathology is actually PHYSIOLOGY, the emphasized physiological activities of the body for the purpose of self-cleansing and self-healing, the defense mechanism of the body from… from human stupidity.

And now I’m quoting myself and giving myself a permission to add a new definition into the dictionary:

Disease = a physiological reaction of the body as a response to pathological conditions.

The body doesn’t make mistakes, the body is perfect in its work and always responds correctly to the given conditions. Give the body optimal conditions and the body will respond with HEALTH.

Medicine is unjustifiably spending millions of dollars in gene research, while at the same time putting under the carpet a simple health solution found in sound food and lifestyle choices.

And before I continue with this text, I want to express my respect to all the branches of medicine that save lives daily, first and foremost first aid and surgery. And of course, deep respect and appreciation for all the doctors who really help people through their dedicated practice, and have not sold themselves to the lobby of the pharmaceutical mafia.

And now… since it is clear to me that in order to change the way we think and understand any aspect of life, in this case of health, it is first necessary to change the way we express ourselves and to choose words carefully. So, please participate in the rest of the text. Imagine the following scene:

  • You are lying in a bed with a high fever and you are sick. What do you say?
    You say: Thank you my dear body for healing me!
    Yes, you talk to your body because it hears you and listens to you carefully.
  • A mother calls a school to justify her child’s absence from school. What does she say?
    She says: My child will not come to school today because my child is in a healing process.
  • News: Breaking news – our country has been attacked by a virus of self-healing.
  • A doctor makes his diagnosis to his patient. What does he say?
    He says: Congratulations! Your body has started self-healing.

Give your body optimal conditions and your body will respond with  high level of health.

I hope these blog post and video have been useful to you. Thanks in advance for sharing and commenting.

Keep glowing,

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