Listen to me well because I want to warn you of a contagious MYTH, contagious to the psyche because like a microscopic worm it so easily creeps into the mind causing FEAR.

And it has always been known that fear is the main weapon for controlling people. Frighten people to rule over them, is a practice that has been being so easily implemented with great success.

But now I want to free you from that fear! Once the people are educated about HEALTH, that shameful myth about viruses, vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs will finally disappear from the planet Earth like an eradicated plague.

Vaccines have never eradicated viruses, but the introduction of sewage, sanitation and personal hygiene education has reduced the level of toxemia.

Virus – has NEVER been isolated.
It has never been proven that the viruses cause or transmit so-called diseases.
Viruses are exosomes, that what cells excrete in their physiological system of self-cleansing!

  • Polio – a lie
  • Flu – a lie
  • Spanish fever – a lie
  • HIV – a lie
  • The coronavirus – a lie

Centuries upon centuries of lies. That viral MYTH is a huge project that was being planned and implemented through several generations of the same family.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are standing at a huge turning point in the human history and I am inviting you to choose the right side, the HEALTH side.

REMEMBER who you are… I don’t need scientific evidence for what I am teaching you, because I am just reminding you of what you know very well with the whole of your being because it is written deep down in the DNA material of each and every of your cells.

REMEMBER… that you live in the most perfect divine creation that is ALIVE and programmed to constantly return you to a state of HEALTH. Your body is led by the infinite intelligence and then someone has the courage to convince you that that divine body errors? There is no pathology, there is only physiology – the body’s normal response to the given conditions.

REMEMBER… when you provide your body with the optimal health conditions, your body by default goes into a state of absolute HEALTH.

REMEMBER… Under your skin there is a whole ecosystem that is rich in rivers of blood, and those rivers are moved without exception and unconditionally by a pump called the heart that works non-stop. Who supplies the heart with energy for this ongoing work? REMEMBER…

It is important to keep those rivers clean, because they are responsible for bringing nutrients and oxygen to your cells. When these rivers are full of toxins, body toxemia occurs.

Knowledge is power. By acquiring knowledge about HEALTH, you have POWER in your hands, a power that brings health, vitality, strength, beauty, youthfulness and prosperity in all aspects of life. 

If you ever learn anything from me, please let it be 3 lessons:

  1. Disease = a normal reaction of the body to abnormal conditions
  2. The cause of each disease = toxemia of the body
  3. Healing = a biological process performed by the body when it is provided with optimal conditions for healing.

    What are those conditions: a diet of fresh plant foods, physical activity, sunlight on uncovered skin, clean water, clean air and a purposeful life worth living. And of course… the strongest driving power of the Universe – LOVE.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Thank you in advance for leaving your comments and sharing this post. 🧚‍♀️🙏♥️

For your health,

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