Today’s topic is closely related to the linguistic concept of how language, more precisely the use of certain words and sentence structures, forms the way of thinking, and hence, understanding and beliefs.

And since this is foremost a mental, and only second to that a physical, world, in other words, every manifestation is preceded by a thought, we can conclude that by choosing thoughts and words, we choose manifestations in our life experiences.

Have you ever heard that some people say that they:

  • got diabetes – whom did they get it from?
  • have problems with their hearts – and perhaps their hearts have problems with them?
  • caught the flu – were they trying hard to catch it?

The statements like these are quite common, as well as diagnoses as You got the fever / high cholesterol / high blood pressure / kidney failure…

In my opinion, the winning statement of this type is when someone says I have candida. Well, of course you have candida! Candida is a fungus that is an integral part of the body of all mammals. Candida lives in you and with you, it lives in your intestines and blood and tries to save your life whenever the insulin receptors on your cells are blocked by fat.

Saying I have candida is the same as saying I have lungs, for example. With this I just want to show you how many misstatements, that easily lead to misunderstand of health and diet, float around freely.

Anyway, all statements of this type, give the feeling that the person in question is a victim of circumstances.

And a person who feels like a victim is placed in a vulnerable position in which most people will most often, or at least at first, without giving a second thought, agree to various therapies, which are usually offered as part of the standard medical diagnosis and therapy procedure. And the fact that all pharmaceutical therapies are lifelong , yet poisonous, is rarely, if ever, revealed to the patient.

Here’s a simple question, do you know anyone who is on a long-term anti insulin resistance therapy, or who is taking medications for lowering blood pressure on daily basis, or who, because of osteoporosis is advised to drink even more cow’s milk?

And if you start from a wrong assumption, you come to… that’s right, a wrong conclusion.

Now I am going to offer a slightly different approach to health, please pay attention to the words and the sentence structures I choose:

  • Instead You got diabetes 2

    Your body reacted accurately and precisely to the excess fat in your diet by accumulating the excess fat. Since your body is not naturally equipped with a storage for fat, it was forced to store the excess fat in the tissues that were not designed for the storage of fat.

    This is the definition of insulin resistance: excess fat accumulation in the tissues that were not designed to store fat.

    Now when you know the cause, you have the power to eliminate the cause through a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and physical activity and your body will react accurately and precisely to new circumstances by removing the accumulated fat from the now saturated tissues.

    If you are willing to follow this simple guidance, the insulin resistance will become a thing of the past for you very soon and I congratulate you in advance.

  • Instead You got osteoporosis

    Congratulations! Your body is trying to keep you alive through soft bones, by thinking: it is better to have soft bones than to be two meters underground.

    When you take any food into your body, after the metabolic processes of the food you eat, the metabolic ash remains in your blood, which can be either alkaline or acidic, depending on whether a certain food had more alkaline or acidic minerals.

    Whenever you ingest foods that contain more acidic minerals, the metabolic ash that remains in your blood is acidic. Then, your body tries to neutralize those acids as quickly as possible with the alkaline mineral calcium, which it extracts from your bones, in order to save your life, because if the pH value of your blood drops to acidic, it can lead to coma or death.

    Now that you know the cause, you have the power to eliminate it by eliminating foods that have more acidic minerals – grains, meat, milk and dairy products – and focus your diet around foods that have more alkaline minerals – fresh fruits and vegetables, with the introduction of weight-bearing exercises, because they stimulate the formation of new bone tissue. (4) (5) (6)

    If you adopt this simple guidance into your life, your bones will quickly renew and strengthen, and I congratulate you in advance.

  • Instead You got high blood pressure

    Your body is trying to save your life by raising your blood pressure. The internal diameter of your arteries has been significantly reduced due to a diet rich in fats, whether they are saturated fats of animal origin or vegetable fats from oils and margarine, and cholesterol from foods of animal origin.

    Now, you still have the same number of liters of the blood in the body, but the internal diameter of vessels through which that blood passes is reduced. This makes it harder for the blood to pass through the arteries.

    Because of this, your body had to raise your blood pressure, to keep you alive, even though high blood pressure means exhausting the vital organs like the heart and kidneys.

    The good news is that the solution is so simple and delicious. All you need to do to stop your body’s struggle with high blood pressure is to focus your diet around fresh fruits and vegetables. (7) (8) (9)

    This way, there will be an increase in the internal diameter of your arteries and automatically a decrease in your blood pressure, and I congratulate you in advance.

  • Instead You have heart problems

    Your heart has problems with your diet and your life habits, and those contractions in the area of ​​the myocardium that you feel, are actually cries of your heart that is begging you to change your diet towards fresh fruits and vegetables, and to introduce regular exercise, avoid stress and rest more.

    Now that you know that your heart is having problems with you, you have the power to help it. Your heart will be thankful to you and will restore its health quickly.

  • Instead You got a fever

    Congratulation! You are body is working hard to clean you from the accumulated toxins.

    In the middle of your brain is the hypothalamus, which is, so to speak, the thermostat of your body and has one of the most intelligent functions – to melt the accumulated toxins in your body. The hypothalamus is constantly monitoring your body and when it detects a saturation of toxins, it raises the temperature to melt those toxins. (11)

    The best way to help your body in this fight through the fever, is by sleeping. Sleep through this fight of your body, because when you sleep, your body has the opportunity to go into a deeper fight and get you back to your healthy state faster. Expect to wake up healthier, and I congratulate you in advance.

    A quick question: why do children get a fever faster and easier than adults?

    Because they have more vital energy, which adults, most often, reduce with their life habits and diet. You should be happy because of the fever, because it is a sign that your body had enough vital energy to start this intelligent cleansing process.

And I sincerely hope that I have opened your eyes to a logical and beautiful approach to health which offer a warm and encouraging words to those who need them.

Thank you in advance for commenting and sharing this blog post. 

For your health,



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