Why I Never Fast?

Find out my reasons for NOT practicing frequent water fasts


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Water Fasting - Myths & Truths

My Personal and Professional Experience with Water Fasting

In 2022, I did my 3-week supervised water fasting at a water fast centre in Costa Rica. This means that I was taking in exclusively pure water, and that I was resting as much as possible all that time.

The conditions for water fasting in that centre were ideal:

  • The environment of beautiful nature: flowers, butterflies, birds, clear blue sky and pleasant sounds from nature
  • Peace of mind thanks to professional supervision
  • Education about fasting, diet and health
  • Proper introduction of food and physical activity after breaking my water fast

Since then, I have been running supervised water fasts in collaboration with an expert in this process who is the supervisor at our water fasting retreats.

While I absolutely understand how powerful supervised water fasting therapy is when conducted in ideal conditions for absolute resting, I do NOT practice frequent, periodic water fasts myself.

When Would I Fast Again?

I do not practice periodic water fasts, nor do I consider that frequent water fasts are a healthy approach to water fasting. However, it is quite clear to me that if I find myself in a situation in which I feel very weak and tired, have a stomach ache, or a headache, or a fever and similar symptoms, that those kind of symptoms would absolutely indicate that a water fast is necessary until the symptoms clear out.

Please keep in mind that by water fasting I mean NOT only not eating, but rather absolutely resting both body and mind, along with sipping water.

I also understand that no one gets the mentioned symptoms by accident. All symptoms are always a very fair consequence of unhealthy dietary and lifestyle choices.

This way, I prefer to live everyday so that I never bring my body to such a poor health.

It Is Necessary to Maintain the Results after a Water Fast

Since my supervised water fast, I have often gotten the following question:

  • Do you maintain the results you got on your supervised water fast by doing short water fasts periodically? For example, once a week or a couple of times a month?

My reply:

  • While I understand where this question is coming from, my answer is ‘Absolutely not!’

    Having said this, I would like to add the following explanation which is the whole point of my position:

    I understand so well that the water fast is pointless unless the results are maintained after the fast. Thus, I always try to live and eat in such a way that I do NOT need the water fast again!

How To Maintain the Results after a Water Fast?

Supervised water fast in ideal conditions for deep resting is the most powerful and the most natural healing method. Through this therapy, the body manages to achieve deep detoxification, thus return itself into the state of health.

In order to maintain the body in a high state of health, that is in order to maintain all the results of water fasting, it is necessary to always provide the body with all the health-supporting conditions.

The most important of these conditions are the following:

  • A raw vegan, as described in the book The 80 10 10 Diet
  • Digestive rest in between meals (taking in exclusively pure water in between meals)
  • Adequate hydration of the body through the diet of fresh fruits and vegetable, as well as drinking water
  • Daily physical activity – specific exercises for strength, flexibility and fitness
  • Exposing uncovered skin to the sun’s rays in moderation
  • Getting enough rest and deep sleep every night
  • A purposeful life that is filled with lots of love and joy

The Wrong Approach to Water Fasting

There are several unhealthy approaches to water fasting that are very common:

  • Some people use water fasting to mask the vicious cycle of overeating and not eating that they find themselves in.
  • Some others hide their anorexic behaviour under the term water fasting.
  • Some people simply do not understand that the point is NOT to live and eat in an unhealthy way, and then not eat for a couple of days from time to time. Rather, the whole point is the following:

Live and eat in such a way that you never need a water fasting therapy.

Most People should Fast at Least Once

Supervised water fast is an extremely powerful therapy, when it is carried out professionally and correctly. Personally, I believe that most people today would have many health benefits from going through this powerful healing therapy at least once.

Through a supervised water fast, the body gets the opportunity to enter very deep detoxification. This deep detoxification is the actual healing of the body.

During the supervised water fast that we organise, all our clients get daily education in which they learn how to continue with their diet and lifestyle after their fasts so to keep their results for a long time.

Also, at the supervised water fast that we organise, all of our clients get proper introduction of food and physical activity, which is of great importance.

Supervised Water Fast in Europe

Give your body the ideal conditions for the most powerful healing method of the body at our next supervised water fast.

Fill out the application form for this fasting retreat, so that our supervisor can review your answers. We will reply to you as soon as possible, with the honest and professional opinion on whether water fasting would be a safe and effective process for you.

Filling out this application form is free. If you are accepted to our supervised water fast, please know that you are welcome and that we will do our best to provide you with ideal conditions for your complete rest and self-healing.

Supervised water fast in Europe - a therapeutic process in which your body gets an opportunity for self-healing in the most natural and effective way.

For the Very End of this Blog Post...

Thank you for reading this blog post.

I sincerely hope that you got a lot of useful and educational information from this blog post. If you have any additional questions on this topic, feel free to ask me in the comment box below. I will try to answer you as soon as possible.

To your health,
Marina from Health Glows

Marina from 'Health Glows' - a certified raw vegan diet and healthy lifestyle coach. Marina helps her clients and followers to transition to a raw vegan diet in a proven and sustainable way, along with incorporating an exercise program for staying fit long term, in order to get rid of health problems and build a high level of health.

Marina from Health Glows

As a certified raw vegan diet and healthy lifestyle coach, Marina helps her clients and followers to transition to a raw vegan diet in a proven and sustainable way, along with incorporating an exercise program for staying fit long term, in order to get rid of health problems and build a high level of health.

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