I am finishing sending a mail at the post office and I am just about to leave, when the clerk asks me the following question: 

  • And before you leave, would you like to buy COVID insurance?
  • Would you please say that again?
  • COVID insurance… you know, it is now available to buy at the post office. By the way, why aren’t you wearing a mask?
  • I don’t wear masks, and as far as health insurance is concerned, you have just made me realise an interesting fact, I haven’t had health insurance since 2011.

Yes, this dialogue really happened. And it is true that in 2011, one day, or better say – one blessed day, I was fired from the job I was working at, at the time, and with that dismissal, my health insurance was canceled. And you know that when you have an obligation that you keep putting off? As it happened, I was putting off taking out health insurance for the next 10 years.

To be absolutely transparent, at one point in 2019, I took out health insurance because I needed it for the purposes of registering for a particular program I was interested in.

I still remember that interesting conversation that happened when I took out that insurance in 2019, which, I repeat, I did not even use. The clerk at the counter then asked me in astonishment: 

  • I don’t understand… According to your record, you haven’t had any health insurance since 2011, may I ask who did you go to see a doctor?


  • I didn’t go see a doctor.


  • Hahaha… Did you hear this? This girl claims she hasn’t seen a doctor since 2011. Now I’ve heard ti all! Here you are, good luck to you!

And while that clerk, along with her colleague, was shocked at my case, it hit me that I really haven’t gone to a hospital since 2011. But it also became clear to me how the whole system is set up: that everyone has the right and opportunity to have health insurance which is great, but on the other hand, that people live in the belief that it is normal for hospitals to be constantly extremely busy.

These two conversations just opened my eyes to see how different my lifestyle is from the usual lifestyle, and at the same time they reminded me of how I grew up in an environment where it is quite normal to go to the doctor every now and then for a prescription and then with that prescription to run to the pharmacy and take so-called cures.

I say so-called, because those pharmaceutical drugs, which people call cures, do not cure nor can cure.

Healing is a biological process that the body performs when it has the right conditions to direct its vital energy towards self-cleansing and self-healing.

Let’s dissect, pun intended, this definition so that you would better understand and remember it.

  • What is healing?
    A biological process.
  • Who performs this biological process?
    The body does.
  • When does the body perform this biological process?
    When it has the right conditions to direct its vital energy towards self-cleansing and self-healing.

Pharmaceutical drugs are toxics drugs that drug the body and thus change the normal physiological processes of the bodily tissues and thus prevent the body from showing symptoms. People have been taught to believe that getting rid of symptoms equals healing, because they do not understand that symptoms are the way through which the body intelligently expels toxins. So, stopping the symptoms equals stopping the very process of self-healing.

What’s more, I remember this one occasion when as a child I overheard adults making plans on how they had to save for all the drugs and surgeries that inevitably awaited them in their later years.

So, people have been conditioned to believe that it is normal for their bodies to deteriorate over time, so it is necessary for them to depend on medical services and pharmaceutical drugs throughout their lives.

I am also aware of how many households have entire arsenals of pharmaceutical drugs in their homes. And now I want to show you how all those boxes of syrups, tablets and pills appear in the eyes of a person who absolutely does not even own them, let alone consume them.

Honestly, when I happen to see a pharmaceutical collection in someone’s home, it seems shocking to me. First I have to remind myself what it is in general, and then I have to calm myself down by reminding myself that for most people that is normal. Which is really sad, because it clearly shows how scared and deceived people are by marketing.

Of course, as I have said so many times, emergency care, surgery, and certain emergency pharmaceuticals or hormone replacement, for example, in certain cases, save lives. Congratulations to that segment of medicine and pharmacy! But to expand these absolutely necessary branches of medicine to the entire system with the goal of making everyone depended on drugs from an early age is, honestly, a brilliant business plan.

Unlike that plan – I, for example, educate people on how to be independently healthy – ah, Marina from Health Glows, you call that a business plan?

The message from this video is not to get rid of health insurance, what’s more, I warmly recommend that you have it just in case, and God forbid you ever need it, but the message is that you should not to rely on health insurance for your health.

Instead of 


rely on


which is acquired simply by common sense choices in diet and life-style habits.

And just now imagine for a moment, how different the world would be if we introduced a mandatory education of the population from a young age on how to adopt a diet of fresh plant foods with daily exercise. How much work would there be in hospitals then?

I hope that this blog post was beneficial to you. Thank you in advance for commenting and sharing it.

For your health,

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