Today we are talking about facial care

In one of my previous posts, you can see how in my facial care I focus on facial massage and face exercises, while I have reduced the use of cosmetics to rose water as my facial cleanser, unrefined cocoa butter or shea butter as a massage medium and a clay mask for deep skin cleansing once a week.

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For years, I’ve been in search for products that are made from high quality, organic ingredients and that really contain effective concentrations of active ingredients. I am saying this because I am aware of the practice of various manufacturers to name their product according to an active ingredient that is popular, but when you look at the content of that product, you see that the promising ingredient from the very name of the product, is present in a negligible concentration.

In my search, I came across the Royal Balm website and it was literally love at first sight. The design of the website, the honest message that it conveys, the work ethic, and the energy that literally radiates from every image and word of that website – everything resonated with my principles and I immediately decided to contact the website owner.

Our very first conversation made it clear to me that my instinct was right. And now I am extremely happy to have this opportunity to offer you Royal Balm organic products in collaboration with this company from my home country of Serbia. 

For GLOWINGLY Beautiful Skin

Immortelle – the secret ingredient for YOUTHFUL BEAUTY

Rejuvenate and preserve the youthfulness of your skin with organic skin care products made exclusively with the purest organic ingredients from a powerful Serbian mountain Rtanj.

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